Is Modern Pest Control Safe?

Cockroach crawling on a kitchen water faucet

Are the chemicals used for modern pest control safe?

The answer is yes, if you choose to hire a responsible professional.

Keep reading to learn a few things that can help you feel comfortable with modern pest control treatment.

We live in a time when being environmentally responsible is among the top priorities for both families and businesses. In the past, pest control treatments were often limited to a ‘one chemical treats all’ mindset. Now, trained specialists embrace the idea of learning everything about each pest to effectively target their weaknesses. There is always a way to get rid of a pest without harming families, pets, or non-pest critters.

Are you thinking this seems too good to be true?

Let’s consider this analogy:

Many people enjoy certain types of food such as pecans. Despite most of the family having no problem with them, another may have an allergic reaction when they eat a few. Although most people can safely enjoy pecans, they can be very dangerous if a dog eats them.

Are you wondering what pecans and allergies have to do with pest control?

Natural substances that are exclusively deadly to certain pest species offer a unique treatment option that poses little threat to other creatures. This is the foundation of modern, environmentally friendly pest control.

Treatments for dangerous pests such as scorpions can be easily distributed throughout your home without creating a hazard for anything else. The same statement can be applied to treating for ant, termite, or cockroach infestations.

Will that really solve the problem?

Custom treatments are the first part of green pest control. The other important step is to identify where the pests are coming from, and what is attracting them.

You can feel comfortable knowing that your pest control expert will find the reason pests are invading your home, how they get in, and provide detailed information about how you can solve the problem.

Shouldn’t we respect native creatures?

Every creature deserves respect, but most of the common pest species that people report are not native to the areas they currently live in. Certain species of cockroaches, ants, bees, and beetles are considered to be major threats to agriculture or health. Pest control can be very important for protecting native species of plants and insects.

Professional pest control costs more than I would like to pay. Green pest control doesn’t seem necessary since the old way worked. Why shouldn’t I buy some bug spray and take care of it myself?

Store-bought pesticides and the previous professional pest control method of simply spraying chemicals are harmful to your family and the environment. Excessive distribution of pesticide chemicals also tends to only take care of the problem temporarily. Finding the cause of an infestation, targeting the pest individually, and following simple prevention techniques will save you money and end the problem.

We believe your family and the environment will benefit from our safe approach to targeted pest control. Contact Green Home Pest today to schedule an appointment for a thorough pest inspection and to learn about your custom treatment options.


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