Make Your Home Less Welcoming To Pests

Your home may be unknowingly inviting to various unwanted guests. Pests can creep in through small and large openings alike. They are attracted by anything that can meet their needs for food, water, and shelter. Fortunately, many precautions can be taken by homeowners to prevent pests from invading your home.

Phoenix-Pest-Control-300x234Clean Up

Crumbs and spills in the kitchen are feasts for bugs. Keep your kitchen tidy by cleaning up dirty dishes, wiping off counters, and sweeping floors immediately after meals. Crumbs sitting overnight or spills that are allowed to sit can attract pests, leading to an infestation that is difficult to combat.

Empty the Trash

Trash that is allowed to fester and ripen emits an odor that invites pests to enter your home and dine on what they find. Empty trash regularly, especially if something is thrown away that produces a strong smell. Using a trashcan with a lid for the kitchen is advisable.

Remove Water Sources

All living creatures need water to survive. This is true for mice, roaches, and ants, just to name a few. Be mindful of spillage from pets’ water dishes, planters, and air conditioning units. A towel under a water dish can be useful for messy drinkers, but the dish should be elevated from the floor to discourage pests from indulging, and any absorbent material used for spills should be changed frequently. Damp items can also attract pests.

Fix Leaks

Leaky pipes and faucets leave puddles and dampness in their wake. This is yet another water source for a pest. By fixing leaks or replacing leaky pipes, this water source is eliminated. If a leak occurs, check your basement or crawlspace to ensure that the leaked water did not penetrate the floor or under the house. This can act as a breeding ground for pests, roaches in particular.

Seal Cracks and Holes

One of the best ways to keep pests out of your home is to make it difficult for them to get in. Seal, caulk, or plug cracks, holes, fissures, tears, or breaks in foundation, siding, walls, counters, roofs, doors, and windows to keep insects and mice outside the home.

Cover Trash Cans

Outside trashcans are an easy target for scavengers and other pesky animals. Raccoons, opossums, skunks, stray cats, and dogs can all nose through your trash, spilling refuse on the ground, tearing open bags, and creating a mess. This can often be solved by a trashcan with tight fitting lid, or a lid that can be latched close.

Don’t Stack or Pile Things Against a House

Keep wood stacks and other debris away from the house. It’s convenient to have a woodpile right off of the porch in the winter, but insects use wood as a shelter. Roaches often find their way into a home via wood.

Use Containers

Pet food and people food should be kept in sealed containers. Storing pet food in an open bag is an invitation to pests looking for a meal. The same can be said for poorly packaged grocery items. Any food that is sold in a bag should be relocated to a container.

yard-cleanup-300x200Lawn Maintenance

Grass kept at a manageable level and well-maintained flowerbeds give less cover for pests to hide or shelter themselves in your yard. Tall grass and weeds encourage mice and bugs to get up close to your home, eventually entering it in search of food.

Repair Bug Screens

Screens are another line of defense when keeping pests at bay. Repair and replace existing window screens and screen doors to make penetrating your home more difficult. Adding screens if you don’t have them would be a considerable precautionary measure and a worthwhile project.

Remove Clutter

Homes that have stacks and piles of stuff, or overcrowd rooms tend to suffer from pest infestations more often, because there are so many places for pests to hide in clutter. Keep rooms free from unnecessary accumulations of furniture, collections of items, and disorganized materials.

Get Profession Pest Control Help

If you’ve followed these steps and still find that you’re having problems with pests in your home then it might be time to give us a call. Green Home Pest has professional, top-tier technicians that will help you eliminate any bug problems you may have.


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