Keeping Bedbugs at Bay Over the Monsoon Seasons

Bedbugs have been increasingly manifesting everything they come across the last half a decade. After decades of an unexplained break, these blood-sucking creatures have resurfaced and their upsurge in creating a wave of anxiety among American homeowners. Luckily, there are a lot of good companies to offer bed bug extermination Phoenix services. They have been reported to be lurking in offices, hotels, university hostels, public buses and trains, private homes and churches. Authorities are reporting an overwhelming 70 percent increase in local manifestations in the last three years.

bed bug exterminator in phoenix azBedbugs stay hidden in seams of mattresses and cracks and crevices of walls and furniture only to reveal themselves at night when the lights out. They are not nocturnal but are only more active during nights to stay concealed and reduce the odds of detection. They feed causing discomfort to sleeping hosts. Though they feed every day when they have the chance to, they can last about a year of hunger and continue to thrive once they encounter human blood to feed on.

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Although most folks associate the upsurge of bedbugs with warm and rainy monsoon seasons, the misconception is slightly misled. These bothersome creatures cling on to clothes and bags of people who come into contact with them. They also hold on to furniture of people who come across them. Through international traveling and the trade of second-hand household, materials are the major reasons for the increased bedbug manifestation. These two reasons are mostly influenced by the conditions of monsoon seasons. Authorities, therefore, seem to point a finger on summer holidays for the increased spreading of these parasites. People who travel for vacations live and sleep in hotels and motels that are likely to be infested. Students from boarding high schools and colleges with hostels also go home on summer holidays and may tag along with the little creatures from their prone schooling facilities.

If you are to keep these pesky parasites out of your home this monsoon season, we advise that you seek out pest management control by experts. They evaluate the possible activities of all your family members during the summer holiday and make certain recommendations that reduce the risk of manifestations. Some of these recommendations may include

• Kids returning from boarding schools and colleges should not bring in their luggage without having their contents screened and all fabric laundry cleaned to stem out any live bedbugs and eggs that might be in the suitcases.
• All vacation travels returning from home should also do the same
• Avoid moving used furniture in and out of the house without inspecting it. Do not allow the furniture in if inspection confirms presence. If presence is not confirmed, still use entomologist approved fumigation products as a precautionary step
• Use racks to grip any luggage you carry when in hotel rooms instead of placing the luggage on beds or wooden floors.
• Always inspect motels and hotels before crashing in them for bedbugs. Opt out of staying in any room that shows any of these signs:

bedbug  Tiny white eggs
 Dark spots around or in cracks of furniture and seems of the mattress
 Tiny and dark-red blood spots on walls or bed sheets
 Dead bedbug skins
 Live bedbugs

Other advisable precautionary steps may involve installation of bedbug detecting equipment and dressing of mattresses with bed bug resistant covers. If your premise is in any way congested, you should also remove any unnecessary objects to reduce the hiding places of the bedbugs.

We, at Green Home Pest, offer services and products that not only keep bedbugs out of your home but other bugs as well. All of the products we are offering are designed and tested by expert entomologists. Our array of services includes regular monitoring of the occurrence of bedbugs by using highly trained and sensitive hounds. Early detection enables us to fight off these vermin completely.


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