How to Keep Wasps Away From Your House

Bees make honey, but wasps are predatory and they live to sting. Due to their nature, wasps can be quite aggressive and the best thing to do is to keep them away from your home to begin with. There are simple things that you can do to keep them at bay, like putting out sliced cucumbers. Cucumbers have an acidic quality that wasps dislike and will stay away.

To effectively keep wasps away, one must understand their nature and how they act. Wasps live in hives or combs. They build their nests in the early spring time. When it comes the fall season, they start invading picnic areas, as their food source becomes greatly sparse. There are more than 30,000 species of wasps, though most people quickly identify the black variety with two large hanging stingers. yellow and black waspBecause wasps can be so aggressive, any acts to reduce or remove them can be dangerous, so always use extreme caution and contact a professional pest control, Phoenix area locals can contact us.

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There are two types of wasps, social and solitary. The social ones build the large paper nests using their saliva and wood fibers. These large colonies can hold up to 5,000 wasps at a time. Be sure to check the eves of your house and porch. If you see any of mud houses beginning to form, it’s best to remove the nest in the cool of the evening. The cooler air in the nighttime stuns the wasps into a slumber, and their nest can more easily be removed. See our previous blog post for tips on removing a wasp nest. Most people won’t incur many problems with the solitary wasps; they build their homes in tubular mud nests under the ground.

The time to fear the wasps is in the fall. They find that their work for the summer is complete, and they are waiting to die. During these times the wasps become disoriented and will wonder from their nests in hopes of a sweet treat. If you do find a wasp problem, don’t go to the store looking for chemicals that are harmful and have horrible smells. While they may work, there are more effective ways to take care of this issue. There are natural insecticide sprays that use peppermint oil, which wasps loathe, to get rid of them. These smells are quite strong; however, they are not toxic. They have an essential oil smell rather than that of a pesticide.

A good way to handle wasps is by using a fake nest, a crumpled brown paper bag. These nests are very similar to the actual nests that the wasps create. Since wasps are very territorial, they won’t build on top of each other. They try to give each other space. By hanging a fake nest outside, they will think the area belongs to other wasps and will stay away. Some people have said that they’ve never had a problem with wasps just by hanging a small paper bag on their porch.

Glass traps filled with tuna and other treats have also proved to be beneficial in ridding the wasp population. The goal is to prevent a problem, but if one slips in without you knowing, then you must take actions sooner rather than later to remove it.

Of course if the wasps prove to be stubborn and have entrenched themselves on your property, Green Home Pest Control’s trained technicians can safely take care of your wasp problem.


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