Keep Those Stubborn Ants Away

How To Keep Ants Away!

Fall is quickly approaching but the warm weather doesn’t seem to want to let go just yet. Depending on where you live, the temperatures have been quite comfortable. This is not anything to complain about. Warm weather means that it’s a time to be more active! People are out enjoying nature more. People are awake and more alert because they don’t want to miss anything that summer has to offer. People are simply doing all the things that they can do before the cold weather comes back around. People aren’t the only ones that thrive in the warm weather. Certain types of bugs and insects are known to live only in the warm summer months. A big problem that many people in Arizona have to deal with are ants. Dealing with ants is never easy since they live in hard to reach areas in your house.

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It seems that once the warm weather rolls around, ants are found almost everywhere! These little creatures just love to sneak into homes and make themselves comfortable. They are seen crawling around on carpeting, walls, counters, and a variety of other surfaces! No one is safe. Ants don’t care if you have a clean house or a dirty house, they are coming in. Although they are dominant during the summer months, they can still pop up when it’s cooler too. They are attracted to food but they will make themselves at home in other places as well. It seems there are countless solutions out there for getting ants out of your home and keeping them out. Unfortunately, they don’t all work. Sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error to find out what works best for your family. There are some solutions that work better than others. The best bet is usually an approach that is organic and environmentally safe. This helps to keep your family safe, especially if you have young kids.

A lot of environmentally safe ant repellents can be found right in your very own kitchen! Many don’t know that lurking in your cabinets is a whole plethora of things that can remove ants. One great idea is to pour lemon juice or squeeze a lemon around the areas that ants are known to frequent. This can include the tops of fridges, kitchen countertops, and tables. This will repel the ants. The lemon juice is safe and will actually smell pleasant. Another great idea can be found right in your kitchen as well! If you have baking soda, pour some of that where ants frequent. They won’t cross the baking soda. It’s a great way to keep them out of spots you store food in your kitchen! A final kitchen cabinet secret is to bust out the cinnamon! The cinnamon actually has been reported to be super effective. Sprinkle this is high-traffic ant areas and you’ll have them scattering in no time.arizona ant removal services

Before the ants become a problem, you can take measures into your own hands to find ways to block them! Ants like to sneak in through window cracks and doorways. It’s hard to do but block as many as you can. You can do this by using caulk. Make sure to also caulk any tiny cracks that they may sneak in through. If you don’t have caulk, there are other preventative measures you can do. Almost everyone has dish soap in their home. A simple and easy ant removal hack is to put a line of the dish soap in these places that ants can come in through. Some ideas again include windowsills and doorways. Other popular options for repelling ants include using baby powder or chalk in the areas that they are coming through.

In conclusion, stay away from those insecticides! There are far better options than harsh chemicals that can be harmful to yourself and your families overall health. Organic and environmentally safe solutions are more affordable than chemicals! These options also work great! The best part is that all of these solutions are simple. Most of these require little to no work. There are always certain measures that you can take to ensure the slow down of ants into your home. Once they’re in, you don’t need to panic either. There are still remedies that are safe. You’ll be able to sleep and rest easier in your home knowing that it is ant free.

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