Keep Away The Troubling Pigeons

Out of all winged pest, pigeons are perhaps the most detrimental and damaging. They are loud, attract parasites and are said to carry numerous diseases. In addition, their droppings can wreak havoc on the roof of your home or business and any automobiles nearby. In fact, the white uric acids in the droppings are unsightly and can cause tremendous damage to the paint on a vehicle or siding and to the finish on your building. That’ when Green Home Pigeon Removal Services will help.

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As well, droppings are comprised of bacteria and fungi that can be potentially harmful to animals and humans. Actually, the fecal matter is said to cause a few diseases like Cryptococcosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis. Moreover, when a warehouse or similar shop is housing pigeons, they often defecate on products and store goods. Not only does this create a possible health hazard and lawsuit but it generates warehouse management issues when retailers send back contaminated goods.

Before you take Action

pigeons standing on roof of bildingMake sure to do some research before you take action. Pigeons are not protected by federal law. In fact, all state laws are different. It is crucial that you check into the state guidelines concerning a pigeon’s protection status and which methods are allowed before you do anything.

Various Methods 

The secret to getting rid of pigeons from the roof is to make the roof uninhabitable. Or you can make the roof less appealing than nearby areas. In truth, there are many methods you can use to detour these pesky birds. As well, it is best to try many techniques instead of relying on just one.

Destroy their Nests

One of the best ways to displace a flock of pigeons is by destroying their nest and befuddling the eggs. Just use a roof rake, tent pole or even a tree branch to jostle the nests around. It is recommended that you do this every two weeks to prevent eggs from being laid or hatched. Continue disrupting the nest until the pigeons move on.

Put up Blockades

You can put up blockages to prevent pigeons from roosting on your roof. For instance, anti-roosting spike strips can be attached to the roof or other areas. As well, a weatherproof string can be tied from one end to the other at locations the birds like to roost. The string upsets the pigeon’s balance and prevents them from roosting. Both weatherproof string and anti-roosting spike strips can usually be found at a local garden or hardware store.

Spice Things Up

For the most part, animals and insects do not like spices, and that includes pigeons. Sprinkle black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic or other pungent spices around the area where the birds roost. As well, re-apply the spice if it rains or snows. This method works well in dry arid climates and not so well in wet or humid areas.

Do Not Feed the Birds

In order to control the bird population, you must refrain from feeding them. This may sound harsh but if there is food offered then the pigeons will stick around.
This also means that all bird feeders must go. As well, avoid leaving cat or dog food outside. Once you control their food source then the birds have no choice but to move on.

Shut Off all Entrances 

pigeon removal in phoenixTo prevent pigeons from entering certain areas like an attic or soffit vent, you need to shut them off entirely. The best solution is to put up screens of the entrances. Also, make sure to seal the edges where pigeons nest using plastic bird netting or silicon caulk and hardware cloth. And as for warehouses, close off the area above the rafters to eliminate favorite roosting places.

Use Scare Tactics

Scare tactics actually work and there are several methods of frightening the pigeons away. For example, spray the birds down with water using your garden hose. The pigeons do not like the disruption or the force of the water. Keep in mind that you will have to spray them down unfailingly. But before long, the birds will fly and make a roost somewhere else.

You can also try scaring the birds with loud noises such as with party snaps that you buy for a child’s birthday. Although this method is not long lasting, it is worth a try until you can use other methods.

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