How To Remove Lice In Arizona Schools

Lice In Arizona

The Arizona sun is shining, birds are chirping and it everyone’s favorite time of year. Unfortunately, with all this life comes some unwanted surprises. Lice. And this time it’s not just lice – super lice. Just when you are finally able to relax and let down your hair you notice something does not feel quite right. It is those pesky vermin that thrive in the warm summer days. That is why Green Home Pest provides its customers and blog followers with advice. Our aim is to keep families free from unwanted wildlife. You work hard and this is the last thing you need in your hair.super lice in arizona

Super lice are a new type of lice. Studies have shown these lice to be immune to treatments used in the past. Over-the-counter shampoos and treatment kits suggested by most doctors and nurses can be harmful. These were the optimal way of treating infestations since these methods were first introduced. Most infestations spread in public places like playgrounds and schools among children. Twenty-five percent of schoolchildren become infested each year and that number could rise.

Lice have been becoming resistant to chemicals and over-the-counter shampoos for years. The chemicals that are able to kill the lice are still unable to destroy the eggs. This will allow for new lice to infest even after the eradication of all the old lice. Farrell Hogenauer recently spoke about this issue. Hogenauer is director of Lice Knowing You, a lice removal company in Arizona, recently stated, “People want to freak out and run to the store and get these chemicals, and they’re not working. They’re not.” She does not believe it is worth running to the store to waste your money on a product that is ineffective. Hogenauer says that the only way to kill the super lice is to comb them out of your hair. Brush all the lice and their eggs out with a comb and checked after to make sure all the eggs are gone.

Hogenauer says that there is a lot of money made in these over-the-counter chemicals and that is why she urges people to stay away from them. There are companies out there robbing you with fake products. This puts your health at risk. “Don’t rush to the store. Don’t grab the chemicals. Don’t waste your money,” she explains. “No matter what you use, if it’s a chemical or all-natural, there isn’t a shampoo or magic formula that will just completely eradicate head lice.”

Anyone is able to go out and buy a lice comb to keep their family free from super lice. It’s a quick, easy and cheap solution. It should only be a few minutes of brushing each day to get your scalp feeling fresh and healthy! This simple treatment is all you need. You can buy one lice comb and keep your family lice-free for life. Yet, some people might not feel comfortable using any medical tools around your children. Your children deserve professional quality care when it comes to their hair. That is a normal concern and there is an excellent solution!

lice in arizona schoolsIt is understandable if you do not feel comfortable performing this on your family. There are professionals here to help. Lice Knowing You, Hogenauer’s company, is here to help you with your lice removal needs. They are lice removal professionals and will get the job done.

Get out and clean up your head the safe way. Green Home Pest Control is here to give you the information you on staying healthy and keeping your home free of unwanted pests. We will always provide you with the most cost-effective and highest quality service offered. You wouldn’t leave your front lawn a mess so weed out that lice the right way.

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