Is The Warm Weather Bringing Scorpions to Your Home?

scorpion-300x207Arizona is home to many venomous species and the same climate that make the state so appealing to humans offers the same advantages to the state’s scorpion population. Scorpions are seen throughout the year in Arizona, but when the weather warms up these arachnids become much more active, drawing the little pests indoors and generally resulting in more human contact, and more stings. Fortunately, except for the bark scorpion, most scorpions found in Arizona are not a threat to human life.

Scorpions can be difficult to keep out of the home, but there are several steps you can take. The answer to a scorpion problem isn’t just killing off individual scorpions, but in learning to control the neighborhood population. 

Whether you have found scorpions on your property or not, you will want to use proven steps for keeping pests outside as the weather warms up. This requires using a systematic and methodical approach to both eliminate any scorpions that are currently present as well as deter new scorpions from taking up residence on your property.

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Inside The Home

To eliminate any scorpions currently in your house you will want to begin with where you would least want to see a scorpion, instead of where you think the trouble may be. Physician at John Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, Jonathan Maitem M.D. says many scorpion stings happen inside the home, as the insects seek out hiding places in bedding and clothes. Maitem says to always do a scorpion check before getting into bed, shake your clothes out before getting dressed and especially your shoes. The old Arizona rule of thumb is to never put your hands anywhere you can’t see. Of course, the best defense is to keep the scorpions outside, where they belong.

Outside The Home

Sealing and Weatherization

The most important step in keeping scorpions out of the house is a comprehensive sealing and weatherization of your home. Sealing should consist of approximately 75 percent on interior surfaces and the other 25 percent on exterior surfaces. If done properly, sealing and weatherization can make the most meaningful difference in preventing scorpions from getting into your home.

yard-cleanup-150x150Yard Maintenance

The best way to keep scorpions from taking up residence in your yard is by reducing the vegetation and rocks around the exterior of the home that scorpions use as a hiding places. It’s also extremely important to reduce any excess moisture in your yard by not over-watering or allowing a leaky hose or water spigot to drip constantly.

Black-Light Searches

Effective black-light explorations will considerably reduce the scorpion population on your property. Black-light searches are most effective on a still night during warmer weather with the moon entering a new phase.


Applying natural repellants is a great supplemental plan to keep scorpions away from the house and will help discourage scorpions from entering the house at vulnerable points, such as your front door. However, it is critical to have an understanding as to how to effectively use repellents in the desert southwest, especially against species like the bark scorpion, which is an ardent climber.


While insecticides are typically the first go-to option for homeowners, chemical applications should only be implemented as the final phase of a comprehensive scorpion-control program. Blindly spraying your yard and your home will not be effective in controlling a scorpion problem.

vanimgWhen spraying for scorpions, it is important to recognize the different categories of insecticides that are available, what each chemical will do and where it will work best in the dry desert region of Arizona. Another aspect to take into consideration is that many of these chemicals can be harmful to you and your family. It’s important to take into consideration what environmental toxins you’re exposing yourself to. Generally, dryer climates cause a significant reduction in chemical longevity and effectiveness, especially against species of Bark Scorpions. 

In summary, there is no one-step solution to keeping scorpions out of your home. For complete protection, and peace of mind, you must employ a comprehensive multi-step program to prevent scorpions from turning up in your home. Because of the complexity of some of these tasks, like sealing the home, it is generally best to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced pest control company.




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