Is Pest Control Safe?

Many people wonder if pest control is safe, and the good news is that it is completely safe for you and your family as well as your pets.

While pest control operators used to simply use harsh chemicals to get the job done, today we try to balance pest control with keeping your family safe and helping the environment. This means that we use products that are targeted for specific pests so they won’t hurt your home or the community.

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Organic Pest Control Options

To help keep you and your family safe, we use a specific product for each type of pest that you need to control or eliminate. An example would be when we treat to eliminate ants. In this case we use the products pet owners rely on to fight fleas. When getting rid of your roach problem, we use just a small dime-sized portion of roach gel baits. Although these are toxic for roaches, they are actually fine for you (although we don’t recommend eating them).

Instead of just using products to treat an infestation, we work hard to get to the source of the problem. We will figure out what is attracting the pests and then determine the best way to stop their entry point.

If you look for over the counter products, these could actually harm your family as well as your pets and hurt the environment. That is because most of these over the counter DIY products contain pesticides that are then released into your home, which is not ideal, especially if you have small children.

Our strategies and products are much safer than those that contain pesticides. In fact, our techniques are the same ones used in hospitals, vets, day care places and even restaurants.

It used to be that pest control companies would just kill everything no matter the consequences and while some are still following this method, many have changed their ways and like us are becoming more safety-conscious and environmentally friendly.

Why Pest Control Is Crucial

Pest control is crucial as the pests you find in a normal household might carry 33 different types of diseases such as staph, salmonella, strep and e. coli.

Some people want to leave the pests alone because they think “they were here first” but that is not actually the case. While some pests that you find in your home did in fact originate on this continent, many came with humans. Some perfect examples are Norwegian rats, Oriental and German cockroaches, Argentine ants and Africanized honeybees. Argentine ants in particular have greatly upset the ecosystem in Arizona.

To help you get rid of these pests that not only don’t belong here but endanger your family as well we target each specific problem with products that are completely safe for you and your loved ones.


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