Invasive Pests of Phoenix

In desert environments, there are many natural hazards. However, there are no more amounts of dangerous insects as anywhere else. This means that common household pests in Arizona are approximately the same as in any area of the country, but because of our location, there could be more of the pest species that would normally be killed or go dormant in many areas by freezing winters. This means that getting treatment in Arizona has to be an ongoing process to be consistently effective. Green Home Pest Control offers pest elimination services, such as a bed bug treatment, Phoenix residents should consider taking advantage of to protect their families and homes.

pharaoh antThe Pharaoh ant is an invasive species that continues to be a considerable problem for many people. It can be found throughout the States, but can be considerably challenging to deal with for Phoenix residents. An individual colony can spread through an entire block of offices, to the near exclusion of other bugs, in just a few months. Controlling them is exceptionally difficult since they can divide into multiple smaller colonies only to repopulate and reconsolidate later on. Due to their excessive resilience it is best go have a Green Home Pest Control technician handle the infestation.

Another invasive species, that has settled throughout Arizona, can be quite dangerous. Though the fatalities are few, people continue to die as a result of encountering Africanize Bees, sometimes called “Killer bees.” They swarm in large numbers and can be highly aggressive. It is important to not go near bee swarms and if you spot one it is best to contact Green Home Pest Control and the proper authorities immediately. Hives that are not Africanized can be removed and saved.

In Arizona, termites can do far greater damage to homes and structures than most natural disasters. In addition, termites do much of this damage without being noticed. This gives them the time to do far more massive amounts of damage to buildings. Termites commonly do not reveal themselves until they swarm to create new colonies. At this time, winged termites will proliferate and swarm. This usually takes place after storms or fresh rain. Ants swarm at this time also and are nearly identical. Because of this similarity, we should be contacted at the sign of any winged swarming species. This is because carpenter ants are also destructive to wood structures and should be eradicated also. They do not eat wood, but they do burrow into wood when building colonies.

Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout the Phoenix metro area. This is likely due to a few factors such as high population, climate, and the rapid population growth that has led to a considerable amount of houses and apartments clustered together. The rise of bed bugs throughout the United States also appears to be a result of bed bugs having developed resistances to common store bought pest control methods. Popular misconceptions have also been a consideration in the spread of bed bugs, such as the belief that bed bugs only develop in dirty or poor environments. Everyone is susceptible to bed bug incursions, even businesses and other public spaces. If you do see signs of bed bugs in your home or workplace it is important to get a bed bug treatment. Phoenix area residents can rely on us, Green Home Pest Control, to expertly handle their infestation.


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