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How to Tell if Rats Are Still Living in Your Home

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At Green Home Pest Control, we stand behind our work. If we are unable to eliminate a problem that we’ve promised to eliminate, we’ll come back for free until the job is done.

Yet some homeowners choose to take matters into their own hands and use their own tools to control the problem. This is especially true of rat invasions. Many homeowners in Arizona lay out their own traps to see if they can control the problem themselves. They may even catch a rat or two, and sometimes that may be enough.

Are The Rats Still There?

Just because you eliminated a few rats, however, doesn’t mean the problem is gone. That is why it is important to keep an eye out to see if there are any signs that the rats are still present. Some of the most common signals include:

  • Typical Sights and Sounds of Rats – Of course, the simplest way to know that rats are still living on your property is to pay attention to the same signs that you saw in the past. If you see any rat droppings, hear noises in the wall, or there is evidence that rats attacked your food or trash, you still have rats.
  • Smell – Another common sign that rats are still on the property is the presence of “rat smell.” Rats tend to smell like ammonia, and although the smell can occur at any time, it is especially common after rats have first entered a property. NOTE: If the smell is mustier, it may be mice, not rats. Also, check for other signs of rodents.
  • Rats Outdoors – If you see rats outdoors, then there is a good chance rat are indoors as well. Rats tend to enter from the same spaces as other rats. Unless you also are confident you sealed your home after you first noticed rats, it’s likely other rats are entering.
  • Rat Tracks – Finally, be on the lookout for rat tracks. These are small lines on tile and hardwood floors that can be seen with a flashlight if you look closely, or if you sprinkle white powder on top of a suspected area. These tracks fade over time, so their presence is indicative of a rat problem.

Rats are excellent hiders and afraid of humans, so you may not see a rat in your home. But rats are not the best at cleaning up after themselves. If you inspect your home thoroughly, you should be able to see signs that rats are still present. If you’re not sure, call Green Home Pest Control today at (480) 525-7378, and we’ll make sure the rats are eliminated.


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