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How to Kill Ants By Yourself | DIY Phoenix Ant Control

ant treatment in phoenix arizonaAnts are scavengers. They send out scouts to look for food and items that they can bring back to their nests in order to feed the queen and continue expanding. When they find food, they mark their path and then send a message to all other ants to follow them.

One ant can turn into thousands of ants quickly. That is why fast and effective ant control in Phoenix is so important. Only professional ant control is proven effective at eliminating ants and preventing future invasions. For more information about our ant control services at Green Home Pest Control, please call us today at 480 525 PEST (7378).

Treatments for Smaller Invasions

Professional ant control is a long-term solution. But there are some Do-It-Yourself ways to treat smaller ant invasions – before they have become a significant issue.

If you simply have a few ants, or you want to consider treating it yourself before you call a pest control company, consider the following strategies:

  • Mixing Borax with Sugar Water

Borax is a natural powdery chemical, used in commercial laundry, that is highly toxic to insects. In low doses, it can also be used to poison ants slowly. Simply place a small amount of Borax with sugar water, and let the ants take it back with them to their queen. The Borax can slowly kill the queen, and eventually eliminate the nest.

Finding the right dose can be difficult. Too much Borax and the ants will die before they bring it back to the nest. Too little and it may have no effect at all. But if you can come up with the right amount, it can potentially eliminate the whole nest.

  • Spray Windex

Like Borax, Windex is also highly toxic to pests. Windex makes a great Do-It-Yourself spray for eliminating a variety of pests, including spiders. It can also help you kill large numbers of ants at once. It will not, however, prevent ants from coming back. It is more effective as a quick pest spray.

  • Seal and Eliminate Entrance Points and Food

Finally, don’t give ants a reason to be on your property. Seal all food, and try your best to find their entrance points and block them. If they cannot get to your property, and they have nothing to eat when they do find a way inside, they are much less likely to stay.

Call Green Home for Phoenix Ant Control Today

If you want a more permanent solution to your ant problems, please call Green Home Pest Control today at 480 525 PEST (7378), and let us eliminate ants for you.



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