How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home

With 40 species of scorpion living in Arizona, it’s inevitable that these creatures and local residents sometimes encounter each other. Since some species are venomous, most homeowners and business owners would like to see as few scorpions as possible on their property. Pets and children, however, make poisons and other deterrents potentially dangerous. Instead, try these natural remedies to keep scorpions at bay or you can contact us directly to terminate the scorpions in your Arizona home.

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Do Some Spring Cleaning

scorpions in arizonaTake a look at your landscape and make sure that it doesn’t look inviting to scorpions. These critters love lawns full of hiding places, so remove old wood piles, rake up decaying leaves, kill weed patches and keep your grass short. Remove any rock piles and place any trash cans or toters on bricks to keep them off of ground level. While you’re doing yard work anyway, consider planting some lavender or citrus plants. Both are said to deter scorpions and may help prevent unwanted guests.

Lock Them Out

Even if a scorpion does make it onto your property, you can still stop him from getting into your home or office. Install high-quality weather stripping on all of your doors and seal any cracks you find around your windows or in your foundation. Scorpions are good climbers, so trim back branches that hang over your roof or close to your home’s exterior to prevent them from becoming an access point.

Dry Out

Scorpions, like other animals, need water to live. If you have leaky pipes or a wet basement, you’ll need to fix the problem and dry things out if you want to make your property unattractive to scorpions. Keep outside areas dry as well by irrigating only as much as necessary. Make sure your lawn slopes away from your home so water doesn’t collect next to your foundation and encourage scorpions to make themselves at home.

common pest types in arizonaRemove Other Pests

You’ll want to let nonvenomous spiders you find inside your walls and on your property alone as they sometimes kill scorpions. Insects that scorpions view as food, however, need to be eliminated from your buildings and property. Scorpions dine on cicadas, cockroaches, ants, crickets and many other species, so be sure to have regular pest control services performed on your property. Natural pest control is an option, so you need not give up on your natural approach to get rid of scorpion food sources.

Remove Them Manually

A good way to keep scorpions from getting indoors is to catch them and relocate them before they get that far. Scorpions fluoresce under a black light so catching them can be fun. Simply wait until nightfall and, armed with a black light and a pair of long tongs, you can catch any scorpions you find on your property. Place them in a container from which they won’t be able to escape and relocate them to a better area.

All of these natural remedies can help keep scorpions from wanting to spend time in the same spaces you do. The more of these remedies you use, the less likely you are to encounter a scorpion. Natural remedies are far more effective when used in conjunction with each other as part of a comprehensive plan. While these tactics can’t ensure that you never run across a scorpion while living and working in Arizona, they can reduce the odds of you stumbling across one.

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