How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home

With 40 species of scorpion living in Arizona, it’s inevitable that these creatures and local residents will encounter each other. Since some scorpion species are venomous, most homeowners and business owners want to see as few scorpions as possible on their properties. But poisons and other deterrents can be potentially dangerous to children and pets. Instead, try some natural remedies to keep scorpions at bay or contact us for professional scorpion extermination.

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How To Keep Scorpions Away

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Keeping scorpions under control isn’t easy. Considering their high numbers in the Phoenix area and how tough they can be to kill, an approach that combines treatments by a pest control provider and your own efforts to reduce the population on your property is the best course of action. 

All of these natural remedies below can help keep scorpions from wanting to spend time in the same spaces you do. The more of these remedies you use, the less likely you are to encounter a scorpion. Natural remedies are far more effective when used in conjunction with each other as part of a comprehensive plan. While these tactics can’t ensure that you never run across a scorpion while living and working in Arizona, they can reduce the odds of you stumbling across one. Here are our suggestions for keeping scorpions away:

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Take a good look at your landscape to make sure it isn’t inviting to scorpions. These critters love lawns that offer plenty of hiding places, so take these steps to reduce their population outdoors:

  • Remove woodpiles or move them as far from your house as possible.
  • Keep things neat—rake up decaying leaves, kill weed patches, and keep your grass short.
  • Remove rock piles and debris.
  • Eliminate standing water.
  • Place trash cans and toter on bricks to keep them off of the ground, and keep them well sealed.
  • Consider planting lavender or citrus plants, which may deter scorpions and help prevent other unwanted guests.

Lock Them Out

Scorpions may make it onto your property, but there are several things you can do to keep them from getting inside your house or office. These include:

  • Installing high-quality weather stripping on all doors.
  • Sealing any cracks you find around your windows or your foundation.
  • Trimming branches and other foliage that hang over your roof or that are close to your home’s exterior so that you don’t provide a bridge for scorpions.

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Dry Out

Like all animals, scorpions need water to live. If you have a wet basement or a pipe or faucet that leaks even a little, you’ll need to fix the problem if you want to make your property unattractive to scorpions. Keep outside areas dry by irrigating only as much as necessary. Make sure your lawn slopes away from your home so that water doesn’t collect next to your foundation and encourage scorpions to make themselves at home.

Remove Other Pests

You’ll want to allow nonvenomous spiders that you may find inside your walls and on your property to stay there since they sometimes kill scorpions. Insects that scorpions view as food, however, need to be eliminated from structures and your property. Scorpions dine on cicadas, cockroaches, ants, crickets, and many other types of pests, so be sure to have regular pest control treatments performed on your property. Natural pest control is an option, so you don’t have to give up on a natural approach to get rid of scorpion food sources.

Remove Them Manually

A good way to keep scorpions from getting indoors is to catch and relocate them before they get that far. Scorpions fluoresce under black lights, so catching them can actually be fun. Simply wait until nightfall, arm yourself with a black light, and a pair of long tongs, and you can catch any scorpions you find on your property. Place them in a container from which they won’t be able to escape and relocate them to a better area.

Do Regular Inspections

Inspect your home frequently for scorpions. Check these spots inside your home and around your property:

  • In closets, cabinets, and other storage areas
  • In attics and garages
  • Underneath furniture and appliances
  • Inside boxes or other storage containers that aren’t tightly sealed
  • Inside shoes and piles of clothing that haven’t been disturbed in a while
  • Behind curtains
  • In flower beds and piles of mulch, rocks, and yard debris
  • Under decorative items in your yard, such as fountains and statuary
  • Under landscaping rocks

How To Prevent Scorpions From Getting in Your Bed

It’s never pleasant to encounter a scorpion inside your house, but finding one in your bed can make a good night’s sleep almost impossible. Here are a few things you can do to keep scorpions out of your bed:

  • Bedding provides a great place for scorpions to shelter and gives them something to climb on. Try not to let sheets and blankets touch the floor any time of day or night.
  • Thoroughly shake out your bedding before you get into bed.
  • Keep your bed a few inches away from walls in all directions.
  • If your bed frame has legs, put them in glass jars or containers. Clean glass is too smooth for scorpions to climb.
  • Create a canopy that’s wider and longer than your bed to keep scorpions from falling into your bed from above. Make it out of something with a smooth surface, such as plastic, to keep scorpions from walking upside-down on it.
  • Use a black light to inspect dark corners before getting into bed.

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Getting rid of scorpions in your home or business is our specialty. Our experienced technicians can identify the type of scorpions you have, locate their entry points, and create a customized treatment plan to exterminate them. We also have scorpion sealing services to help ensure that scorpions don’t come in, plus a full range of pest control services that keep you from providing the pests that scorpions love to eat. 

The services that our state-certified, highly trained pest control technicians provide is guaranteed—if you have a persistent pest problem, we’re glad to return and re-service your home absolutely free of charge. We also want to help you save money by offering coupons, special savings, and exclusive online offers. Schedule your free online quote today.

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