How to Deal With Black Widows Around the Household

Black widow spiders became famous because of their reportedly deadly nature when it came to the females killing the males after copulation. Although this scenario usually only occurs in captivity, the black widow retains its notoriety as more people in Arizona recognize them in their own homes. It’s important to note that the female black widow is more venomous than the males, but you still want to control all of these spiders from growing out of control either inside or outside of your home. If you notice a black widow spider around your house, contact the professionals immediately at Green Home Pest Control.

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The Role of the Black Widow in Nature

black widow spiders in ArizonaThe widespread view of spiders in nature includes a perfectly circular web that catches flies and other bugs. However, the black widow has an entirely different strategy for prey collection. When a black widow is present, you’ll notice messy webs close to the ground. These spiders prefer caterpillars, cockroaches, and other organisms. In fact, black widows contribute to a healthy garden because they eat most of the insects that harm leaves, fruits, and other items. These spiders tend to spin their webs during the day in order for their nights to be full of potential prey. Arizona residents shouldn’t be automatically frightened of black widows in their garden because they’ll have a bountiful harvest with fewer pesticides in use.

Being Safe Outdoors

Although you may live in harmony with the spiders in your garden, it’s still important to be safe when you tend to the property. Take a look around and follow these simple steps, including:

  • Remove or mow all of the leafy grasses that are close to your home’s foundation
  • Keep the property clear of wood, trash, and other piles
  • Wear gloves and protective shoes as you garden

If you accidentally encounter a black widow, allow them to rush away from the area. They’re more afraid of you during any encounter. When they pose a danger to people, such as a nearby toddler, move away from the area and consider eradication procedures.

Spiders Potentially Nesting Indoors

The most common place to find black widows indoors is within garages. These areas are usually used on an irregular basis with many dark, hiding areas for spiders. If you need to access any boxes or other items inside the garage, wear gloves and carefully shake the object first so that the spider has a chance to escape. Surprising spiders will only result in their agitation and possible bite. Practice these protective measures indoors too, including:

  • Avoid storing items under beds
  • Vacuum dark areas under furniture on a regular basis
  • Pull your bed away from the wall and lift dust skirts off of the floor
  • Fix and seal windows and doors with proper screens and weatherstripping
  • Caulk openings around plumbing and electrical wires entering the home

Direct Pesticide Contact

arizona black widow spiderYou might be familiar with spreading Borax around your property’s perimeter so that ant populations can be controlled, but this widespread strategy doesn’t work for black widows. These spiders cannot absorb pesticides through indirect contact. You must spray pesticides directly onto their bodies. If you feel uncomfortable with this task, a pest-control professional can always perform the job.

Indirect Pest Control Actions

There are two other ways to control black widows around your property. When you aren’t sure about potential numbers, consider sticky traps added to known spider living spaces. Baseboards, garages and other areas are perfect locations to start trapping. Allow the traps to reside there for a few days and check them. You’ll know if you have a small or large spider population with one glance at the trap.

A unique way of controlling spider numbers is reducing their prey options. Ask a pest-control professional to eradicate pests inside the garden that attract spiders. When black widows don’t have enough food to eat, they’ll seek other areas to spin their webs.

You may see one or two black widows on your Arizona property at any given time. If the population seems to be growing out of control, however, it’s time to contact Green Home Pest Control for some professional answers. Our pest control service takes an environmentally friendly approach to your spider issues. Ideally, we want to eradicate the pest while leaving the remaining land free to function under normal, natural conditions.

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