Hot and Dry Weather Leads To More Snake Infestations

The hot and dry temperatures of Phoenix can lead to having a snake invasion in your home, and this is a dangerous situation when the snake has poisonous venom. Make sure you contact immediately a Phoenix pest control company to take care of the issue. With a loss of natural habitat, a rattlesnake may seek shelter under a building inside a crawl space. This is a dangerous place for a snake to lurk if you have family pets that may also enter this area to stay out of the intense heat. Snakes also squeeze through tiny holes to invade basements, garages or wall spaces. After entering a building, a snake may remain there for several weeks until the temperature drops and water is available outside.

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Venomous Snakes Will Bite When Startled

snakeA startled snake will strike out immediately, leading to a venomous bite. Unfortunately, a bite from a rattlesnake is often lethal. It is important to remember that a snake can hide in any cool area, including inside a child’s playhouse, a garden shed or a doghouse. Stacks of lumber or firewood that you are saving for a project, or for next winter are fantastic places for snakes to hide, and if you are moving the objects, then you are in danger.

Do Not Go Near a Snake

When you notice a snake, don’t assume that it safe to pick it up to move it to a new location. Only an expert exterminator can understand the different species of snakes that live in a particular region. In addition, there are cases of invasive snakes from unusual regions lurking on a property. There are irresponsible pet owners who permit a boa constrictor to escape, and this type of snake can squeeze and suffocate a toddler, cat or dog. There is also a possibility that there is more than one snake on your property or that a female has laid eggs that will lead to numerous young snakes.

There Are Several Species of Snakes In Arizona

There are several types of snakes in the desert climate of Phoenix, and when a heat wave occurs, these reptiles must find a way to remain cool. Any shaded and isolated area is a great place for a snake to hide, and if you accidentally walk near a snake’s hiding location, then you risk a bite. The residents of Arizona are exposed to many types of snakes, including several species of rattlesnakes or coral snakes. There are also nonvenomous snakes that may resemble a poisonous snake, making it dangerous for an amateur to approach the reptile.

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snakes It is a good idea for the residents of Phoenix to look at photographs of snakes to recognize the dangerous species, but despite having this knowledge, our exterminators recommend staying away from the reptiles. Some non-venomous snakes help to prevent the invasion of rattlesnakes, rodents, scorpions, bed bugs, and insects, but our exterminators will capture these reptiles to move the creatures away from a property. Because we have extensive knowledge concerning snakes in the region, our exterminators can look for nests where there are eggs or for other snakes that we need to remove from a property.

Some Species of Snakes are Protected by the Arizona Government

When an exterminator finds a snake on a customer’s property, we try to capture it humanely. Arizona protects some types of rattlesnakes, so killing a rare snake can lead to imprisonment or fines from government officials. An exterminator may need to get a permit to remove a snake from a property. If you see a snake, contact a professional pest control company, and keep your family pets away from the reptile. An exterminator will respond quickly to a call about a snake because some species are venomous, making an injury or death from a bite possible.

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