Have You Noticed More Silverfish Coming Out Of Your Pipes?

Silverfish lurk. What’s worse than that is their actual movement. Seeing these multi-legged bugs working their way across your floors can be almost startling, especially when you’re not used to them. If you are, you have a problem and you should call a professional pest control service.

silverfish infestations in ArizonaSilverfish do not bite, cause significant damage or spread any kind of disease. This makes them pretty harmless, but they are downright creepy. They snack on paper, sugar, glue, cereal boxes, dry goods, shampoos, and dead skin cells. They have been known to pop out of unopened food packages. At their most destructive, they’ll nibble at your clothes. They spend their time under your sinks, in bathtubs and drawers, in the kitchen and basement, where there’s piping and in cold, damp dark places. They move quickly and mostly in the dark. Their bodies are odd, shaped like carrots and their antennae fly everywhere.

These annoyances have a scaly exterior and, when they slide across the floor, it looks like they’re swimming. They’ve been around long before man. They are resilient, using millions of years on earth to develop exceptional survival skills. That’s where the real problem comes in. They reproduce rapidly – laying up to two dozen eggs a day depending on the species – and can quickly infest your surroundings.

What makes silverfish difficult to get rid of is their adaptability. It’s important to catch silverfish early before they get a foothold in your home or business. Unfortunately, finding them can be difficult because they’re nocturnal creatures. You may come across their tiny feces that could be mistaken for pepper. They know how to hide and can glide easily under the slimmest crack or crevice. Most silverfish infestations are not caught until they’re everywhere.

Green Home Pest Control has been tackling silverfish throughout Phoenix for a long time. Our consultation has been of value to many. We advise you on the many ways to deal with these pests, such as doing your best to control humidity and moisture, the importance of caulking and limiting potential feeding sites. We can talk about how cinnamon, under the right circumstances, can send silverfish running. Unfortunately, preventative measures are just that, preventative. Even the so-called best over-the-counter products cannot deal with an already-existing infestation, especially when those products do not kill eggs.

If you are seeing signs of a silverfish population, it’s time to hire a professional like Green Home Pest Control. We understand insect behavior and how to go about finding their secret places. Our techs are skilled at creating customized services for dealing with silverfish. Bring us in and we’ll do a thorough inspection, evaluating your individual situation and determining the most sufficient and affordable methods for extermination.

silverfish in the piping of a Phoenix home. Our process will never leave you in the cold. Expect a complete breakdown of any and every process, if that’s what you want. (We find many customers just want the problem to go away. And that’s fine with us too.) But Green Home Pest is going to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. We will use the latest technology and practices for safely managing the infestation. When we say safe, we mean our techs are going to use eco-friendly solutions. No gases or powders that are harmful to occupants and plants. No traps that can endanger pets or kids. And no harsh chemicals that are overall a hazard to environments. Pests themselves come with their own risks to your health. We have no intention of adding to the problem.

Our techs represent professionals with extensive experience and multiple licenses in their field. Expect every single one of them to adhere to not just the best practices for taking out silverfish, but to provide the kind of unmatched customer service that’s become our trademark. That includes open, honest communication, no surprise fees or charges, and treatments that ensure your home or business stays pest free.

We offer not just emergency services. We perform regular inspections and put together preventative measures that go far beyond what you’ll get from the local home improvement store. We control silverfish infestation in the most responsible manner at the most affordable cost.

If you have silverfish or want to make sure you never get them, give Green Home Pest Control a call today.


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