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Dealing With Unwanted Pigeons In Arizona

There are a vast array of reasons why a homeowner should consider cleaning their homes roofing and gutter systems from time to time. This is a recommended course of action for homeowners as it helps to keep unwanted animals and pests away. As animals and pests often enjoy making home infrastructures their habitual residences, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with the maintenance costs that are associated with having them around. Therefore, the homeowner should take the initiative towards keeping their homes, landscaping and exterior premises of the property in the best conditions as possible. Contact Green Home Pest Control for further information about pigeon removal in Phoenix.

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One of the most common types of animals that like to embark on our properties is pigeons. For some strange reason, pigeons love to make a part of our homes as a part of their nests. This is a common occurrence that can actually cause quite a bit of damaging on one’s exterior walls, window panes, gutters, roofs and more. There are many different things a homeowner can do to ensure that the pigeons will not only be kept away for the time being but also in the future.

Keeping pigeons away can take some effort. However, it is extremely important to note that these steps are entirely worth the energy that will be put into keeping those pesky birds away. Keeping your home’s landscaping clean is very important. Meaning, there shouldn’t be any food or opportunistic avenues for birds to start building their nests. Food encourages birds to make the home their new place to stay as they find it easy to stay full throughout their busy days. This makes it the perfect place to build their nests and start families. The thing that is common among pigeons is once they find a place to call home for some time during the year, they will continue coming back to that very spot. However, in order to prevent that constant cycle from occurring, it is highly recommended to keep food sources away from that area. If you notice the pigeons beginning their nest building processes, then you may want to consider breaking up their activities without hurting them. This will let them know that it is not a welcomed spot for their residing.

Many homes that have gutters hidden away from external openings are often seen as great spots for pigeons to live in. These enclosed areas enable them to build their nests without having to worry about being intruded on by any predators, and that includes humans as well. They get very well accustomed to being forced off of their tracks due to humans impeding on them in some way, whether it be walking on the sidewalks, running nearby them, or simply throwing stuff at them. They are certainly looking out for humans who are motivated by breaking up their natural activities of living, especially nest building for egg laying. By breaking up the nest(s) in their beginning stages, you will have a great amount of assurance in knowing that you have sent the birds a strong message. Keeping an eye out for reattempts by those pigeons is recommended for some time after disrupting their first attempts of building.pigeon infestations

If there are many plants by your window panes, it may be an encouraging sign for pigeons to lay their eggs. However, they will not be able to do that until they’ve found a great spot to build their nest(s). Pigeons have no problem in laying nests on tree limbs where they know there is nice home infrastructures/roofs to stumble on if the wind blows too hard on any given night. It is simply encouraged for homeowners to look out for these areas as they are prone to attracting pigeons and their activities.

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