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Green Home Pest Control is a reputable company that provides environmentally friendly services to homeowners and business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, and surrounding areas. We’re a BBB-accredited pest control company in Phoenix, so you can rely on the procedures that our technicians implement to eliminate pests that roam indoors and outdoors. Because we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, our crews always strive to pinpoint and remove the common pests, such as:

We Help Locals Save Money

spraying for spiders in phoenix arizonaWhen pests invade houses and offices, they slowly contaminate and destroy the environment. For example, after termites invade a space, they begin to damage various wooden structures by chewing them. In restaurant facilities, rodents and roaches cause major problems by nibbling on food that’s stored in dark areas. Since we’re highly experienced pest control technicians, we know how to eliminate this pest infestation in a fast and efficient manner. Our company has been in the pest control business for over 30 years, so we never cut corners during minor or major projects. Instead, we carefully examine each infestation, develop proper treatments, and provide helpful strategies so that our clients can prevent future pest problems. As hardworking crews, we service homes and business facilities in:

Our Service Methods for Termites 

When locals request our pest control service for termites, we always perform an inspection at no cost. This strategy helps us fully understand the scope of a project based on the number of terminates that have invaded a property. At the end of each inspection, we provide excellent customer service by creating a detailed report that lists every location where our treatments were applied.

You can depend on us during an emergency situation because our termite technicians are highly trained. In addition, because we put our customers first, every client who works with us can take advantage of our Green Home’s Full Protection Guarantee. This is basically a warranty that can be used whenever a future terminate infestation occurs. In these situations, we’ll retreat a home or business facility free of charge.

Our Service Techniques for Scorpions

scorpion exterminator is arizonaIn order to find and eliminate scorpions, we train all of our technicians because the process of extracting scorpions in Arizona requires skills and patience. Our specialists can resolve many scorpion-related problems in a reasonable length of time since we cover behavior patterns and nesting habits during the training phase. Once we fully understand a situation, we always create custom plans because all scorpion infestations are not the same.

Overall, if you need to resolve a pest problem in Arizona, you may want to schedule a consultation with our professional crew. You’ll benefit from using our services because we recommend treatments that suit each customer’s needs and budget. Since we don’t use toxic chemicals, everyone in your home or office can enjoy breathing fresh, clean air after our solutions are applied in the infested areas. Since our treatment methods are effective, we’ve won the Super Service Award by Angie’s List. Customer service is always our top priority; this is why all of our representatives work in Phoenix. We don’t employ representatives who take calls overseas because they can’t fully understand the issues that our local clients are experiencing. If you’d like to request any of our services, contact our staff today.


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Request a free online quote and receive $50 off your initial service while the trucks are in your area.


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