Fun Facts About Spiders

arizona spider exterminationApproximately ten percent of men and fifty percent of women are thought to have clinical arachnophobia. While spiders are scary-looking to some people and downright terrifying to those with arachnophobia, they are impressive and fascinating creatures.

Still, it is hard to deny the beauty of spiders and their majestic creations. These 8-legged, web-spinning arthropods are most notably recognized for the beautiful and intricate prey-trapping webs they “spin,” utilizing special glands that make extremely strong strands of spider silk. In fact, spider silk is considered to be the strongest material on earth, according to its tensile strength per unit of mass and diameter. Scientists still haven’t successfully synthesized any material that compares.

Found on every continent except for Antarctica, spiders collectively represent the 7th most diverse order of Animalia in the world. From water habitats to desert and mountain habitats, there exist over 40,000 species of spiders.

Did you know that spiders are technically not insects? While they share some characteristics with insects, such as the fact that they are invertebrates, they belong to a distinct order because they don’t have antennae.

Spiders are basically tiny hunting machines. With the exception of Bagheera kiplingi, the only vegetarian spider yet discovered, spiders are predators. They feed on anything from small insects to birds! Yes, just like its name implies, the Giant Bird-Eating Spider actually feeds on full grown birds! In contrast the Patu Digua, native to Colombia, is the smallest species of spider.

phoenix spider treatmentWhile many spiders rely on sensing vibrations in their web to alert them to potentially trapped prey, they also usually have 4 pairs of eyes, arranged in various patterns depending on the species. Spiders are near-sighted, meaning that they have to be very close to something in order to see it clearly. Once a spider has captured its prey, it uses special enzymes to liquefy its meal before consuming it.

The mating habits of spiders are somewhat extraordinary. For one thing, many species of spiders feature females that are much larger than males. They dominate the act of coitus, using their increased size to coerce the males into reproductive submission. Once pregnant, females may produce and deliver up to 3,000 eggs!

While spiders are amazing creatures, there is good reason to keep them out of your home. For one thing, many species of spiders are poisonous. Perhaps the most famous in the United States is the black widow, which has the potential to kill, especially young, elderly, or smaller people. Also, spider webs are quite sticky, so they collect dust and become unsightly cobwebs quite readily. If you have a spider problem in your home, Green Home Pest Control are the experts to call. We’ll eliminate and pest infestation using EcoSmart technology, making sure your family isn’t exposed to toxins as a result of pest extermination in your home.


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