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Eliminating Ants | Green Home Pest Control | Phoenix

Pest Control PhoenixAnts seem to march in by the hundreds and continue to multiply. While some people don’t think they are as dirty as the dreaded cockroach, but ants can be a greater annoyance and even threaten your home.

There are many ways to identify a problem. Typically ants don’t try to hide and sometimes can be very obvious. They will scurry up and down counters, walls, even across the bed. Their number one goal is to look for food. They are diligent workers so it is important to be one step ahead of them. Phoenix ants are primarily of the carpenter variety. These ants thrive in hot climates and love wood. Because of their love of wood, they will seek out a door that is hollow, a baseboard in a home, window casings and the basement area. These ants can cause major structural damage. Their nest can grow quite large and they’ll make tunnels through the wood, much like a termite.

Eliminating carpenter ants from your home requires the assistance of professional pest control. Phoenix residents often don’t worry if they only see a few ants. The problem that lies in not concerning yourself with a potential ant problem is that there are likely hundreds more hidden away. EcoSmart extermination techniques are exceptionally useful for dealing with these ants, as they occupy the same space as you and your family, whom you don’t want to expose to toxic chemicals. Because the ants are social in nature and tend to travel in large numbers, acting quickly is essential. The first goal of an extermination company is to identify where the nest is. Ants typically will build their nest in the great outdoors, but they’re not picky. They’ll build a nest in any area that provides them good access to a food source.

Targeting the nest ensures that the rest of the colony won’t rebuild. Most ants will stay close to the nest. There are a few that go out to get food and bring it back to others. Using chemical barriers does little to eliminate the ant. It kills the ants that are in plain sight, but it doesn’t do anything for those that cannot be seen. By providing environmentally friendly bait the foraging ants will take it back to share with others, and eliminate the colony. Taking care of an ant problem doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right treatment and expertise, Green Home Pest Control will eliminate your ant problem with relative ease. For tips on keeping ants out of your house take a look at one of our previous posts, “Ant Control: 5 Helpful Tips“.


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