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EcoSmart Pest Control for Phoenix

eco friendly pest control in phx azWhen you’re dealing with a pest problem on your property, look no further than Green Home Pest Control. Located right in Tempe, we serve residents of Phoenix, AZ and all surrounding areas such as Gilbert and Mesa. We’ll eliminate a wide range of critters and creatures that include roaches, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, carpet beetles, yellow jackets, ticks, mice, scorpions and pigeons.

Opposed to other pest control companies in the Phoenix area, though, we make sure to only use techniques that are safe for your whole family to be around. In fact, as part of our EcoSmart pest control services, we only employ chemicals that contain no hazardous substances and absolutely no harsh chemicals. Our solutions not only get rid of your pest problem but allow you to maintain an improved quality of life. Remember, your health means everything to us, so we’ll eliminate your pests without leaving you and those you love in jeopardy.

Besides the health factor, Eco-friendly pest control services also help maintain the property value of our client’s homes. What a lot of individuals don’t realize is that by not getting their homes inspected for pests, they’re actually furthering the possibility of serious damage happening. In other words, when there is a pest infestation, the value of a home can quickly diminish. Using toxic pesticides can also have unintended consequences by either saturating your property with residual toxins or causing damage to structures and landscaping. Why take that chance? With EcoSmart pest control services in place, we prevent pests from destroying your property with no hazardous risks to your home.

landscaped yard remains pest freeEco-friendly pest control services also benefit the environment. That’s because only organic and natural pests solutions are being used here. Other chemicals have a way of being too harsh and ultimately killing off the plants and non-pest animals in addition to the target pests. You can rest easy that with us by your side your home is safe from collateral damage, while still effectively getting rid of your pest problem. We have your best interest in mind and it shows in how we eliminate pest infestations from our clients’ homes.

It is clear that when you have pests in your home, you need to call an EcoSmart pest control company in Phoenix. With the tools and techniques we use, you’ll see a whole slew of benefits that other pest control companies can’t provide. Don’t waste your time with businesses that use traditional means when you can hire us. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.


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Request a free online quote and receive $50 off your initial service while the trucks are in your area.


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