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I know we’ve already covered this one, but it’s been well over a year and it’s definitely worth revisiting so here we go.

termites eating through wood in an arizona community. Termites are something most homeowners fear. They can cause severe damage to your home’s structure which can add up to huge expenses in getting rid of them, as well as repairing the damage. Would you recognize the signs of termites in your home? If you’re not sure, look for these signs to know if you might have a termite problem.

Investigate Your Home

Termites make little, earth-colored tunnels. They are approximately a diameter in size. If you come across any little tunnels, you should break them apart to check for live termites inside. If you see any, this means you have a termite problem and chances are, they have already caused termite damage to areas of your home.

The Damage

Now you want to try to find the damage. So what does termite damage look like? Since termites work on wood from the inside out, you may not notice the damage as easily. Try tapping on a piece of the wood with a screw driver and listen for a hollow sound. If it sounds hollow, use a screw driver to pry at the wood and if there is termite damage, the screw driver will break through easily.


Termites leave droppings behind called frass. As they tunnel through the wood, the frass is pushed out by way of a little hole that’s made in a wall. The frass will collect in a pile on the floor that will be noticeable to you. If you see these pellets, look up and down the wall above the pile for the hole. These droppings along with a small hole in your wall mean you have a termite problem.

So you’ve determined you have a termite problem and now you must treat the infestation before the problem escalates and more damage occurs. Do you know how to treat a termite problem in an eco-friendly way?

Use Heat

To use the heat method, you will need to get your home heated to 120 degrees. You won’t be able to reach 120 degrees on your own; this is something that Green Home Pest Control, Phoenix area residents, can take of for you. The heat can reach all areas of the home and its structures which makes it more effective than chemical applications.

Boric Acid

Boric acid comes in different forms: liquid, granules, pellets or powder and kills and repels termites and other insects. Place the Boric acid around the perimeter of your home in bait stations that are planted in the ground.

Liquid Nitrogen

Used similarly to the high heat treatment, it is said to give the same results as the heat. A trained professional in termite control can perform this treatment for you.

Termite Prevention

Of course preventing termites from the get-go is the best option for eco-friendly termite control. There are plenty of things you can do to help prevent termites from invading your home. For one, keep any overgrowth of bushes, weeds and tree limbs from getting too close to your home. Don’t let water collect close to the house and keep firewood in a designated area, far away from the perimeter of the home.


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