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Eco-Friendly Spider Repellents

Phoenix Pest ControlWhile spiders can be helpful for keeping down bug populations, to some people spiders are one of the most terrifying pests they encounter. Over 30% of the U.S. population has reported an actual spider phobia. While not all spiders are poisonous, everyone agrees that they do not belong in a home. Check out the following methods to keep spiders out of a building by using natural ingredients instead of harsh and dangerous chemicals.

There are many ways to help protect your residence from an invasion of spiders. One way is through the use of essential oils mixed with water. Spiders naturally shy away from certain scents and tastes. Fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil (3-4 drops) and add 1 liter of water. Spray wherever you have seen spiders and along the baseboards and corners of rooms throughout your home. This water/oil mixture should be sprayed every week for best results. Citrus juice can also be used in place of essential oil.

Some other essential oils that work well are lavender, cinnamon, tea tree and citronella. Lavender plants and citronella plants can also help deter spiders, if placed throughout the building or around the outside perimeter, as does ground cinnamon.

Citrus is such a strong deterrent, that a spray mixture may not be the only way to repel spiders. Instead of throwing away that orange, lemon or lime peel after using the fruit, save it instead. Rub the rind along surfaces to help keep away unwanted spiders in a healthy and safe way without unnecessary chemicals.

One common household item that has multiple uses is vinegar. Spiders hate vinegar much like they do peppermint and citrus. Combine a small amount of vinegar with 1 liter of water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture along nooks and crannies where spiders can gain access to your residence and anywhere else you may have seen one. Much like the oil/juice and water mixtures, this should be used every week to be sure to protect against spider entry.

Spiders have also been shown to be repelled by spicy tastes/scents. For those who dislike sweet or citrus scents throughout the residence, try mixing chili pepper or hot sauce containing hot peppers with 1 liter of water in a spray bottle. Spray everywhere you have seen a spider web as well as any other likely location to keep spiders from moving in.

There are several unusual items that can also repel spiders. For instance, spiders hate tobacco and chestnuts. Scatter chestnuts and tobacco leaves both inside and outside of your home to form a barrier against these pests. When completing landscaping projects, consider picking up cedar mulch, spiders hate the scent of cedar. You can also make a water solution with 1 package of tobacco and water. Boil the water first, and then let the tobacco seep in it until cool. Combine this solution with citrus juice, citrus oil or even citrus scented dish soap to make this mixture even stronger.

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