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There’s lot’s to admire about the thousands of species of ants that inhabit our planet. They’re task oriented, effective, and work well in groups. Who couldn’t help but admire individuals who can turn saliva and pieces of leaf into a palatial home? That’s truly green living!While ants can be admirable and don’t spread disease, they can still be troublesome pests. They destroy vegetation, steal your food, and can damage your home.

ant crawling on white floorAnts are a good example of why “traditional” extermination methods aren’t always the best ones to use. While some ants spend a lot of time in your house, their colony is most likely outdoors. As a result, using chemical method must place the pesticide both indoors and out to insure success, widening the circle of non-ants that will come into contact with this poison. This increases and prolongs exposure to toxic chemicals for you, your family, and your pets.

But with natural extermination or deterrent methods, the only creatures affected will be the ants. We could tell you to clean up every food spill as soon as it happens in the kitchen, but we all know that’s not a sustainable deterrent. So let’s keep ants out of the kitchen altogether by locating their nests outside. Once found, pour some diatomaceous earth into the nest via ant tunnels. Despite its name, this is a powder made of ground ancient shellfish. The “earth” literally smothers the ant, and can be liberally applied in high traffic indoor areas as well, then vacuumed up. Non-toxic to humans and pets, diatomaceous earth can be purchased at garden, pet, and feed stores.

Liquid dish soap also has a smothering effect on ants. It can be applied directly to nests, or mix a 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap with 1 1/3 teaspoons of canola oil, add to a quart of water, place in a spray bottle, and you now have a spray that can be used safely both indoors and out . A five percent concentration of distilled white vinegar can be applied to nests as well for a lethal acid bath.

Ants can be deterred from your property altogether by keeping lawns and plantings healthy (ants are drawn to dying vegetation) and sprinkling peppermint oil and flakes in ant tunnels and pathways, as well as cayenne powder, all of which irritates ants and encourages them to move along. Don’t forget to keep trash and compost off your lawn.

For additional tips, some we just mentioned, take a look at one of our older posts “Ant Control: 5 Helpful Tips” or “Eliminating Ants.”

Sometimes though, an ant invasion can seem overwhelming. In such cases, call us for Eco-friendly Phoenix Pest Control. We use EcoSmart pest control technology that doesn’t use toxic chemicals, so you can rest assured that our treatment won’t affect you or your family.


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