Do You Have The Bed Bug Summer Blues?

bed-bug-300x200Bed bugs are a very serious problem to have, and they can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Bed bugs are small insects that often reside in beds. However, they can reside in any type of furniture. When a person goes to sleep at night, the bed bugs bite a person. The bites are often extremely itchy and annoying. Disturbingly, bed bugs actually feed on human blood. Even more frightening is the fact that people typically do not feel being bitten in the night. Then, they awake in morning or the middle of the night to find numerous bites on their body. One gets bed bugs when they are transported to a house on luggage, furniture, or on clothing. Frequently staying in hotels increases your chances of bringing bed bugs into your home. Luckily, Green Home Pest Control’s experts can help you to get rid of bed bugs. There are safe and effective sprays and other methods of bed bug control that can be used.

There are some different things that you can do to prevent an infestation of these annoying insects. This is especially important if you frequently travel at hotels or have friends or family over that frequently stay in hotels. Once bed bugs take hold, they can be extremely difficult to remove from your home.

For one, you can keep your home clean. Bed bugs tend to thrive in cluttered conditions. Eliminating clutter will get rid of potential habitats for the insects.

Be cautious with furniture that you buy. Often times, bed bugs enter a home through furniture of some kind that is infested with the bugs. Check any used furniture you are considering purchasing very thoroughly for signs of the insects. Do not purchase any furniture that shows signs of an infestation. This could very easily start a full blown infestation in your home!

You can also find special coverings for your bed to keep out bed bugs. Make sure that these coverings have been certified for this purpose by an entomologist. These coverings can successfully prevent bed bugs from taking hold in the worst type of furniture they can, your bed. Although bed bugs can live on any type of furniture, your bed makes the worst place for them to take hold. When they do, the bed bugs can bite a person numerous times in their sleep.

travel-suitcase-300x200If you do have to stay at a hotel, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs into your home. Firstly, check the room for bed bugs before unpacking. Also, check luggage for bed bugs after leaving the hotel. Do not bring the luggage into your house until it has been fully inspected.

If there are bed bugs, do not freak out. There are things you can do to prevent them from getting into your house and taking hold. As long as the luggage is not brought into your home, the bed bugs will not be able to get in from it. You can choose to take measures yourself to eliminate the insects from the luggage or you can call pest control. Green Home Pest Control will help you in eliminating the insects from your things before bringing it into your home.

If you find that you do have a bed bug problem, you can call Green Home Pest Control. Our pest control experts will come to your house and help to eradicate the problem. We use all organic pest control sprays. This means that there will not be artificial chemicals on your bed! With regard to a bed bug problem, this is very important. You certainly would not want to be sleeping on a bed that is loaded with harsh and dangerous chemicals.


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