Do Termites Bite People and Pets?

Most homeowners see them in their worst nightmares — wriggling, tiny termites munching on the wood floors, decking and frame of their home. Besides being concerned about the quality and structural integrity of your house, you may be curious about whether termites can also wreak havoc on the rest of your home and family. While termites can eat away a significant portion of your home and cause widespread damage, most termites pose no threat to humans, cats or dogs.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

A termite infestation is one of the most costly and damaging events that can happen to a home. Look for the following common signs of termite damage to know if you have a problem:

  • Hollowed or damaged wood surfaces or furnishings with visible maze-like structures inside the wood
  • Ceiling or wall discoloration or swelling resembling water damage, or musty smells such as mold or mildew
  • Buckling or bloated wood flooring
  • Presence of mud tube structures outside where the ground and your home meet
  • Swarm evidence, typically discarded wings near windows, doorways and other outside openings

Do Termites Bite or Harm Humans and Pets?

If you start noticing termites squirming throughout the structure of your home, you and your family do not need to worry about whether these pests will bite or sting you. Generally, termites will not bite humans or pests — however, there are rare cases where certain types of termites have possibly bitten a human.

Termite colonies are made up of evolved caste systems, including a soldier class which is responsible for defending their colony and fighting with invading insects, such as rival termite colonies or ants. Soldier termites have a slightly larger head and strong jaws for biting and combat. These larger heads may seem intimidating, but it’s incredibly unlikely a soldier termite would bite a pet or human unless its been handled — termites definitely prefer biting wood.

If a Termite Didn’t Bite Me, What Did?

If you notice a small red mark or slight skin irritation but have ruled out a possible termite bite, then you’ve most likely been bitten or pinched by a flea, bed bug, mite or lice. Like termites, these other pests are incredibly small and can slink throughout your home without being noticed. When you suspect some type of pest or insect infestation, don’t hesitate to reach out to trained and experienced pest control experts to determine the cause of your discomfort and take appropriate action.

Contact Green Home Pest Control for Help With a Termite or Other Pest Problem

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