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DIY Ways to Kill Scorpions Safely

Scorpions are survivors. They can live for as long as 15 years. They can live up to a year without food. They survive in many of the same harsh conditions as cockroaches, including extreme heat and radiation. Killing scorpions is often best left to experts, because even some of the most effective methods that work on other pests do not work on scorpions, such as Windex.

If you see scorpions on your property, chances are there will be more of them. Scorpions may not travel in packs, but if one found their way in, more are likely to come. Professional pest treatments in Arizona are the best way to keep them away from your property indefinitely and eliminate any that may be hiding. But for those that need to kill an individual scorpion right away, there are a few strategies that may work.

At Home Ways to Kill Scorpions

giant hairy scorpions in az

  • Spider Spray – Scorpions are from the same family as spiders, and so they are killed by many of the same poisons. Any spider sprays available at the grocery store can kill an individual scorpion. But be careful, as they may be toxic to pets.
  • Shoes and Knives – Despite their strength, you can squish scorpions or pierce their outer shell. But keep in mind that doing so often means that you have to go very close to it. You may want to consider investing in a brick.
  • Boric Acid/Borax – Boric Acid, and to a lesser extent Borax, are two natural chemicals that can be sprayed or placed on scorpions and will eventually kill them. However, the process is somewhat slow, as they dehydrate the scorpions, but are not toxic. The scorpion would likely be able to sting for a while, although it will eventually die. You can also try diatomaceous earth, which also gives them little cuts.
  • Stick Your Cat At It – Cats are excellent at killing scorpions, although you do have to be careful as some cats can get stung and possibly hurt. If you have a pet chicken, many chickens find scorpions to be delicious.

Long-Term Solutions

It is important to be careful about killing scorpions without help, as many of them carry toxic venom. Be careful before attempting to kill a scorpion. However, for those that are feeling especially brave, you may be able to do it yourself. While these are semi-effective ways to kill a scorpion right now at home, they are not long-term solutions. Be sure and call Green Home Pest Control today at (480) 525-7378 for safe, and easy pest control in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale. Peoria, Surprise, and the greater Metro area.


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