Cooler Weather Bringing Out The Cockroaches

Cooler weather is bringing out all the pests in the area. You’re likely noticing that you are having problems with cockroaches coming back in the house, and you have to do something to get rid of them. You cannot kill every cockroach that would come in your house, but you can easily find a way of preventing them from coming in. Keep reading to see if you can find ways to make the roaches stay outside.

Phoenix-Pest-Control-300x234Seal Your Cracks Up Tight

The cracks in your home are letting bugs in all the time, and you may not even notice it. A home that is built with regular siding is going to be problematic because there is a space where bugs can crawl into your home and make their way around. You may not realize that these bugs can crawl up a wall that is 20 feet tall or more, but they will make their way to a place that allows them to get into other parts of the house. You need to find all the cracks on the outside of the house to make sure they are not going to come back in.

The Materials

You can use a caulk or sealant to seal up all the cracks in your house, and should fill each crack with the caulk. You are preventing the bugs from getting in the house, and you are keeping them outside in massive numbers. You may notice them outside more, but it is better that they are not in the house.

You also need to make sure that you are sealing cracks that are up by the roof. You have to make sure the house is sealed up as tight as you can get it. Your house is a large place that could have many cracks, and you have to fill them all in if you want to keep the bugs out.


The insulation in your house needs to be installed in every area. Bugs crawl through parts of the wall that do not have the insulation installed. You will find it very difficult to keep them out if there are whole sections that simply do not have any insulation. You want to get it sprayed in as soon as possible, and you must make sure that you get this done before you take other steps.

Traps Outside The House

The traps that you are using in the house should be transferred outside by your exterminator. You need to find a way of killing the bugs before they get a chance to come in the house. They are going to feed on the traps you leave outside, and they will die before they get a chance to come in. Many of them may die on their way inside, but you will never see them.

Seal The Doors

Your doors need to have firm seals that are going to remain solid when the weather gets cold. Most seals are going to allow bugs through because they are not very strong. You should invest in better seals that will keep even the smallest bugs out when the weather gets cold outside. This is very important to make sure that nothing can get in the house when it is sealed up.

The Chimney

Your chimney needs to have a screen that will prevent bugs from climbing down. Bugs will come in through the chimney because they know the warm air is in there. The screen is a simple way to keep bugs out, and you should not assume that the bugs are going to stay out if you have a fire on. They will come down when the fire is off at night.

You have to take all the steps you can to make sure that your home does not have bugs coming in in the winter. You are going to see them trying to get in, and you want to stop them from flowing in. Each step can be completed to make sure your home is safe and clean this season.

If an infestation get’s too bad you can of course always contact us and we’ll get your pest problem resolved right away.


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