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Do Termites Bite People and Pets?

Most homeowners see them in their worst nightmares — wriggling, tiny termites munching on the wood floors, decking and frame of their home. Besides being concerned about the quality and structural integrity of your house, you may be curious about whether termites can also wreak havoc on the rest of…

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How Fast Can Termites Damage Your Home

There are dozens of different types of problematic pests. Some pests spread disease. Others bite. Others are simply frightening to look at. But for homeowners, often the greatest threat isn’t to your health and wellness. It’s to your property. Termites may not carry disease, and they may not bite, but…

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Green Home Pest New Service Areas

black scorpion on arizona sand

Green Home Pest Control is a reputable company that provides environmentally friendly services to homeowners and business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, and surrounding areas. We’re a BBB-accredited pest control company in Phoenix, so you can rely on the procedures that our technicians implement to eliminate…

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Termite Home Inspection For Home Purchase

termite control

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, possibly the largest many people will ever make during their lifetimes. Because of the costs associated with homeownership and the importance of protecting the value of the house, property owners will want to do everything in their power to maintain the value and…

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How Phoenix Heatwaves Are Perfect For Termites

termite inspection

As the temperatures start to rise, termite activity also begins to increase. It is necessary to call a company for termite treatment Phoenix Az and ask about their services, once the heatwave arrives. Many termite infestations are only discovered once a lot of damage has been done, and most homeowners’ insurance…

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How to Prevent Termite Infestations

termite tunnels in home siding

Among almost all of the other states, subterranean termites call Arizona home. They build huge nests and feed on several different types of wood. These termites thrive in the desert conditions of Arizona. This is why it is important to know how to prevent termites from destroying your home or…

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Winter Termite Treatments in Arizona

Termite damage to phoenix home

Termites can infest your home or business, even in the winter, causing thousands of dollars in damage. They eat wood in the home and often insurance does not cover the damage caused. A colony of termites has hundreds of insects and is considered one of Arizona’s most common pest. Termite…

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