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Climate Change and Insects

Climate change is an ever-looming topic in the news. It can be hard to go a week without hearing reports of droughts, fires, natural disasters and extreme weather patterns, all of which scientists and meteorologists attribute to the growing effects of climate change. From rising sea levels and melting ice…

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How to Stop Bugs From Eating Your Plants

How to Stop Bugs From Eating Your Plants

Springtime is here, and we’re all itching to get outside and get busy bringing our gardens back to life for the year. We’re excited to see our favorite perennials pop back up, and maybe we’ve got some new plants that we want to introduce as well. Even our indoor plants…

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What it Means to Offer Organic Pest Extermination Services

Throughout Phoenix, there are homeowners and businesses struggling with pests, and in need of a skilled pest control company. But the idea of pest control is not always exciting, knowing that usually, the most effective way to kill pests is with harsh, toxic chemicals. At Green Home Pest Control in…

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What Indoor Pests May Make You Sick?

All indoor pests are a nuisance. But some pests represent a genuine danger to you and your family. Many types of pests carry or contribute to illness, which means that when they invade, they could cause harm to you and your family. Identifying and Eliminating Disease Carrying Pests Prevention is…

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How Long Do Pests Live Indoors?

house spider in white phoenix home

Pests always tend to find a way indoors. They can fit through the smallest of cracks, climb through the thinnest of holes, and make their way up the tallest of stairs. When there is no pest control barrier set up around the property, pests will always find a way inside.…

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Are Bug Zappers Effective Against Mosquitos?

“Mosquitos.” That is the answer to the common trivia question, “what animal has killed more humans than any other?” It’s not dogs. It’s not snakes. It’s not even other humans. Mosquitos are considered a scourge of the earth, and some scientists have openly wondered if they are a necessary part…

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Struggling with Allergies? Cockroaches May Be to Blame

  Spring is allergy season, and if you are like most of those living in Phoenix, that means you have been struggling with a runny nose watery eyes, itchy skin, and a host of other allergies from trees, grass, and pollen. Experts are saying this may be one of the…

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How To Kill Ants By Yourself

Ants are scavengers. They send out scouts to look for food and items that they can bring back to their nests in order to feed the queen and continue expanding. When they find food, they mark their path and then send a message to all other ants to follow them.…

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Green Home Pest New Service Areas

black scorpion on arizona sand

Green Home Pest Control is a reputable company that provides environmentally friendly services to homeowners and business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, and surrounding areas. We’re a BBB-accredited pest control company in Phoenix, so you can rely on the procedures that our technicians implement to eliminate…

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The Importance of Pest Prevention

bed bug crawling in bed

Pest control tends to be an out of sight, out of mind issue. In other words, people don’t give much thought to pest control until they have pests. While it is certainly possible to rid your home of pests, it is easier by far to avoid pests from infesting your…

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