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What Kind of Ants Are These?

ants treatment

Almost anyone who lives in Arizona knows that ants can be a serious problem to one’s home, garden, business or other endeavors. Although bug repellents, such as Green Home Pest that has effective ant pest control services, go a long way in eliminating these creatures, it’s always helpful to know…

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Safe and Organic Ways to Eliminate the Pests from a Garden

Weevils control pest

For our customers who want pest control services in order to control the pests that lurk outside a home, we offer modern organic methods. Instead of having chemicals applied to a garden, it is possible to use organic methods that are designed to eliminate the pests that can infest vegetable…

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Have You Noticed More Silverfish Coming Out Of Your Pipes?

silverfish pest control

Silverfish lurk. What’s worse than that is their actual movement. Seeing these multi-legged bugs working their way across your floors can be almost startling, especially when you’re not used to them. If you are, you have a problem and you should call a professional pest control service. Silverfish do not…

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How To Deal With A Flea Infestation

fleas treatment

Fleas are a nightmare for both pets and their owners. They cause serious irritation, and an infestation is often impossibly difficult to get rid of completely. If you have fleas issue, our pest control services can help can help you. Fleas are considered parasites because they live by feeding off…

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Hot and Dry Weather Leads To More Snake Infestations

snakes treatment

The hot and dry temperatures of Phoenix can lead to having a snake invasion in your home, and this is a dangerous situation when the snake has poisonous venom. Make sure you contact immediately a Phoenix pest control company to take care of the issue. With a loss of natural…

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Phoenix Heatwave Perfect For Termites

termite inspection

As the temperatures start to rise, termite activity also begins to increase. It is necessary to call a company for termite treatment Phoenix Az and ask about their services, once the heatwave arrives. Many termite infestations are only discovered once a lot of damage has been done, and most homeowners’ insurance…

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How to Deal With Black Widows Around the Household

spider treatment

Black widow spiders became famous because of their reportedly deadly nature when it came to the females killing the males after copulation. Although this scenario usually only occurs in captivity, the black widow retains its notoriety as more people in Arizona recognize them in their own homes. It’s important to…

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How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home

scorpion pest control

With 40 species of scorpion living in Arizona, it’s inevitable that these creatures and local residents sometimes encounter each other. Since some species are venomous, most homeowners and business owners would like to see as few scorpions as possible on their property. Pets and children, however, make poisons and other…

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Parasitic Wasps May Be Solution to Citrus Greening Disease

Tamarixia wasps

Citrus plants throughout the United States, especially in Florida, have suffered from the citrus greening disease. Fortunately, researchers in Arizona have discovered that tiny parasitic wasps could be the solution to this problem. Citrus greening is a serious and devastating plant disease. The disease, which is also known as huanglongbing…

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The Importance of Pest Prevention

bed bugs

Pest control tends to be an out of sight, out of mind issue. In other words, people don’t give much thought to pest control until they have pests. While it is certainly possible to rid your home of pests, it is easier by far to avoid pests from infesting your…

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