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Types of Rats in Arizona

Part of the appeal of living in Arizona is the spacious, beautiful landscape stretching across the horizon, filled with diverse and unique wildlife. But with the state’s expansive wilderness, you’ll not only find peaceful bighorn sheep, prairie dogs and foxes but a range of irritating, potentially hazardous pests such as…

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Do Termites Bite People and Pets?

Most homeowners see them in their worst nightmares — wriggling, tiny termites munching on the wood floors, decking and frame of their home. Besides being concerned about the quality and structural integrity of your house, you may be curious about whether termites can also wreak havoc on the rest of…

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Why Rodents Love High Citrus Areas

On a sweltering Arizona summer afternoon, you decide to make some lemonade with fresh lemons to combat the heat — only when you go out to the lemon tree in your backyard for some fresh produce, you discover the fruit’s rind has been completely removed, only leaving the clean inner…

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A Guide to the Most Common Pests for Each Season

most common pests for each season

Most people in the Phoenix area look forward to the seasonal changes each year: the first shoots and flowers of the spring, the warm, lazy days of summer, the cool football weather of the fall and cozy nights around the fireplace drinking hot chocolate in winter. Just as the weather…

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Scorpions in Your Home or Business

the ultimate guide to getting rid of scorpions in your home

There are a lot of creepy and crawly critters that can find their way into a building. Spiders, cockroaches, termites and bed bugs can sneak inside and give you quite a fright. If you live in Arizona, you know that there’s another small and silent pest that can find its…

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How to Stop Bugs From Eating Your Plants

How to Stop Bugs From Eating Your Plants

Springtime is here, and we’re all itching to get outside and get busy bringing our gardens back to life for the year. We’re excited to see our favorite perennials pop back up, and maybe we’ve got some new plants that we want to introduce as well. Even our indoor plants…

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About Arizona Cockroaches

About Cockroaches  If we were to see a cockroach in a restaurant or hospital, the immediate reaction would be to panic…but why is this the case? Why are they dangerous? What kind of cockroaches are found in Arizona, how do you get them, what do they eat, where do they…

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About Arizona Bed Bugs

Guide to Bed Bugs in Arizona ‘Don’t let the bed bugs bite’ – this has been a phrase used all around the world for generations. However, what are bed bugs? What species do we have in Arizona? And how do you deal with a bed bug infestation? We’ve got all…

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About Spiders In Arizona

About Arizona Spiders Whether you love them or hate them, spiders are everywhere in Arizona neighborhoods, and they play an important role in our lives; not least through the management of the insect population. What else should we all know about spiders? Continue reading to learn more about these animals…

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About Arizona Rodents

About Rodents In Arizona What rodents do we have in Arizona? What kind of problems do they cause? If you want the answers to these questions, and many other common queries, keep reading!  As Arizona’s premier pest control company, we have encountered countless rodents in residential and commercial establishments. Rodents…

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