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Home Defense From Unwanted Pests

The excessive heat of summer has arrived in the Phoenix area and everyone is doing their best to stay cool indoors. Most of the Southwestern United States is also in a period of severe drought, meaning all outdoor critters are struggling to find a way to survive. You have likely…

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Is Modern Pest Control Safe?

Are the chemicals used for modern pest control safe? The answer is yes, if you choose to hire a responsible professional. Keep reading to learn a few things that can help you feel comfortable with modern pest control treatment. We live in a time when being environmentally responsible is among…

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7 Steps: Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation

Anyone who watches a news network has likely heard about a growing problem which is associated with traveling. Reports of bed bug infestations are steadily increasing in homes and hotels, and it is important for everyone to know that bringing them home with you can be avoided. Keep reading to…

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What You Should Know About Spring Pest Control

Spring is the time of the year that brings happiness and a shower of color all around. With that also comes the menace of increased pest activity given the time and season of the year. Why not, they enjoy the climatic change too. But, what about the infestation problem that…

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The 6 Most Common Pests

It’s imperative that the people who work in Phoenix area pest control know their enemies as well as possible. Obviously, different parts of the world and the country have different pest problems – so what are the most common types of pests to be found in the Phoenix area? 1.…

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4 Interesting Mouse Facts You May Not Know

Mice are generally thought to be less of the threat than rats, as they’re smaller and have less of a reputation for spreading disease. This is probably a mistake, though; they breed a great deal more quickly, they’re harder to eradicate from your home, and they’re far more likely to…

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Garden Go-To’s: 4 DIY Methods to Keep Your Backyard Beautiful

Maintaining A Beautiful Backyard We all love to spend time in the summer months just lounging in our yards and enjoying the beautiful nights and days that summer has to offer. Keeping our yards pest free and our backyards beautiful can sometimes be a challenge. We could all use a…

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Ant Control: 5 Helpful Tips

One house pest that every home owner is bound to see eventually is the ant. These pesky critters may be small, but what they lack in size they make up for in sheer numbers. Given that they are social animals, ants always stay in a group. You may be familiar…

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5 FAQs About Rats in Arizona

We all get a little nervous when we think that we may possibly have rats feeding and nesting around our family, home and property. Let’s face it, these unpleasant critters can cause some real headaches and damage, and, even worse, leave us feeling very uncomfortable if we believe they have…

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3 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Expert!

1. Money, Money, Money! We all want to save money and try to handle our home and property’s pest control needs ourselves, but here in Arizona homeowners can really have their work cut out for themselves! No matter what we try, sometimes it just does not seem to do the…

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