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Why You Shouldn’t Use Bed Bug Bombs

Bed bug bombs just can’t handle true bed bug extermination, Phoenix! The packaging on at home chemical bug bombs or bug foggers advertises that they are an effective and affordable alternative to hiring a professional exterminator for pest elimination. These products are as affordable as they claim since you can…

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Pest of the Day – Dealing with Mice | Phoenix Pest Control

How To Deal With The Problem Of Mice Renters and homeowners both have the same concern when it comes to rodents. Simply put they don’t like or want them around. Mice are a serious concern because once they settle in your home, they can be very aggressive in their activities.…

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Pest Control Mesa, AZ

The Importance of Pest Control Services in Mesa, AZ More than 249 pests frequent the lands of Arizona. Some of the most common types of pests that can end up in a household are garden spiders, bed bugs, carpenter ants and cockroaches. Mesa, AZ homes and offices need more than…

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Standing Out Amongst Phoenix Pest Control Providers

A key thing to remember in this business is that a proficient Phoenix pest control provider with talented technicians is easily discernible. When Phoenix homeowners and businesses can understand the characteristics that epitomize good contractors and technicians, companies like Green Home Pest Control will stand head and shoulders above the…

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Better Safety in Phoenix Pest Control | Green Home Pest Control

Green Home Pest Control is committed to their clients’ safety from not only annoying and harmful insects but from harsh and caustic chemicals. This is why we choose to use environmentally friendly EcoSmart pesticides that will not hurt your family or pets. We believe that people wouldn’t want to hire…

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The Importance of Customer Service for Phoenix Valley Businesses | Green Home Pest Control

There are many people in Phoenix, AZ looking for pest control specialists and they want the best possible customer service. Too often have people been treated poorly by a pest control company. Clearly if a pest control company provides a better customer service, they would be the preferred pest control…

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A Family Business is a Committed Business | Green Home Pest Control | Phoenix

A business that is run by a family provides foundational strength, a firm commitment to work, and a willingness to contribute the necessary efforts needed for the business’s success. Family members sense each other’s needs, and make the connection to ensure that each individual dedicates the right amount of time.…

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Phoenix Pest Control | Quality Services from Green Home Pest Control

Running into a pest problem at your home can be a frustrating and unnerving experience. While your first instinct may be to take care of the problem yourself, the fact remains that the best way to eradicate any pest infestation is to rely on the experts. Whether you’re dealing with…

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Pest of the Day – Beware of Termites | Phoenix Pest Control

Termites. A homeowner’s nemesis. Every homeowner is obligated with tending to the many responsibilities of home maintenance when it comes to their property. After all, a home is considered one of the most valuable assets an individual or family can own. It is always in their best interest to regularly…

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Improve Your Garden With Safe Pest Control

One of the most common issues every gardener experiences is the frustration of dealing with the damage pests cause. Whether you grow your own food or enjoy having a beautiful yard, tainting your soil and poisoning your plants with harmful chemicals is the last thing you want to do. Here…

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