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Beware Bed Bug Scams!

Bed bugs have been a steadily increasing problem in the United States for some time now. Over the last several years, the population of these little pests has spiked over five hundred percent. As the population of bed bugs has boomed, so has the business of those who are paid…

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Educating Children About Pests

It’s important to sit down and have a talk with your children about the dangers of pests, what pests are, and what to do when they spot pests. Over the course of your child’s life it’s likely to be something that they’ll have to deal with. What are Pests? It’s…

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Fun Facts About Spiders

Approximately ten percent of men and fifty percent of women are thought to have clinical arachnophobia. While spiders are scary-looking to some people and downright terrifying to those with arachnophobia, they are impressive and fascinating creatures. Still, it is hard to deny the beauty of spiders and their majestic creations.…

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Throwback Thursday | Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Expert

The Holiday season is around the corner and your life can get pretty hectic. Most people’s work loads increase during this time of year, combined with more travel, and buying presents for family and friends; all of this keeps people fairly occupied. Pests don’t take a break during this time…

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Be Aware of AZ Laws Regarding Bed Bugs

In the past several years, bed bug infestation has increased significantly in the United States. Orkin Pest Control reports a 20% increase in business related to bed bug treatment from 2012 to 2013. It retains a list of the top cities in the United States for bedbug infestation. Of the…

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All-natural Household Bug Sprays

Are you tired of wasting your money on bug sprays that don’t work or contain toxic chemicals? There is an easier and cheaper way of getting rid of those stubborn household pests; you may even be able to use some things in your house to help you out. There are…

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Dealing with Javelina | Phoenix Pest Control

Javelina (also known as peccaries) are small, 4-legged animals native to several areas in the Southwest. In Arizona, they’re as abundant as the rocky hillsides they roam. New residential developments closer to their habitats have changed interactions with these animals over the past several years. It isn’t completely uncommon to…

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Silverfish Out

Silverfish are nocturnal insects also known as fish moth, fringe tail and tassel tail. They are small, about a half inch to an inch in size, wingless, light bluish gray in color and can be very invasive in a home. These small insects are known to primarily feed on carbohydrates,…

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Eco-Friendly Spider Repellents

While spiders can be helpful for keeping down bug populations, to some people spiders are one of the most terrifying pests they encounter. Over 30% of the U.S. population has reported an actual spider phobia. While not all spiders are poisonous, everyone agrees that they do not belong in a…

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Benefits of Sticky Traps In Your Arizona Home

Sticky traps are great Eco-friendly pest control tools for a wide variety of pests. They work on pests ranging from smaller pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, and recluse spiders to larger pests like scorpions and mice. Incorporating safe and toxic-free sticky traps are a part of a 360-degree pest control…

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