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Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Transmit Chagas Disease

“Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” A common phrase uttered to so many children before sleep. Only now, however, this saying is a bit more alarming. Instead of a simple wish for pleasant sleep, many homes are finding themselves under attack by these tiny invaders. Almost…

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EcoSmart Pest Control for Phoenix

When you’re dealing with a pest problem on your property, look no further than Green Home Pest Control. Located right in Tempe, we serve residents of Phoenix, AZ and all surrounding areas such as Gilbert and Mesa. We’ll eliminate a wide range of critters and creatures that include roaches, ants,…

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Throwback Thursday | Eco-Friendly Solutions for Rats

During the winter there’s a good chance that rodents are going to look for warmer places to nest. As temperatures are continuing to drop, particularly in the evening, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit some Eco-friendly methods for keeping rats out of your home. Enjoy!  …

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Best-Rated Phoenix Pest Control Service

Safer Pesticides Our Green Home Pest Control business located in Tempe, Arizona., provides a safer environmentally friendly approach for getting rid of rodents, scorpions and bed bugs. When customers contact us, they know that our technicians use organically derived or botanical pesticides, instead of dangerous chemicals. Our approach toward spraying…

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Identify that Pest | Phoenix Pest Control

We’ve all experienced that moment when the completely unexpected comes rushing into our line of sight. It doesn’t matter if it had come from under the couch, from behind the refrigerator, or worse, falling from the ceiling, the four or more legged creature has shattered the feeling of comfort we…

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Overwintering Habits of AZ Pests

Below is a list of common Arizona pests and suggestions focusing on how to keep them out of your yard and home. For most insects, removing their food sources, sealing your house’s cracks and openings with caulk, screening vents and crawl space, and using weather stripping to close gaps will…

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A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday!

Don’t worry we’re at home with our families and hopefully so are you. We posted this ahead of time and scheduled it to post on Thanksgiving morning. We just couldn’t miss another good “Throwback Thursday” post. As the temperature in Arizona has been dropping, although thankfully not as much as other…

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Beware Blister Beetles

Blister Beetles are found all across the United States and in some parts of Canada. They secret a blistering agent called cantharidin which causes blistering of the skin. There are many different species of blistering beetles within the blistering beetles family and they all have various markings even though their…

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Gila Monster Encounters

Gila monsters are a species of venomous lizard that live primarily in the American southwest and in northwest Mexico. They are the only venomous lizard native to North America. Gila monsters usually have protected status, specifically in the state of Nevada. That means you cannot handle one without permission from…

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Dealing with Gophers or Prairie dogs? | Pest Control Phoenix

Dealing with pests in or around your home can be a very difficult thing to deal with. It can affect your everyday life. Luckily there are professionals out there that can help you take care of all of your pest problems. The sooner that you address the problem and have…

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