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Benefits of Sticky Traps In Your Arizona Home

Sticky traps are great Eco-friendly pest control tools for a wide variety of pests. glue traps for indoor/outdoor pestsThey work on pests ranging from smaller pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, and recluse spiders to larger pests like scorpions and mice. Incorporating safe and toxic-free sticky traps are a part of a 360-degree pest control elimination strategy making sure your home and garden are free of unwanted pests.

What Are Sticky Traps?

Sticky traps contain a sticky-like glue layer that’s attached to a flat board of cardboard. They’re extremely efficient in trapping bugs and insects of all kinds, as well as mice. They can be placed on the sides of walls, vents, doorways, or on the floor in the paths that insects and bugs often travel. They are even sticky traps that people can position around their bed to trap bed bugs. There are also hanging sticky traps that are good for catching flying insects, these are particularly useful for greenhouses. Glue traps are also a form of sticky trap that is considered more heavy duty and are particularly efficient at trapping large mice and rats.

How do the Traps Work?

Most pests prefer to travel along dark walls and corners, and these would be the best places to install the sticky traps. Because the traps are flush with walls or floors, they’re not easily detectable to pests. When the pests attempt to cross over the trap they get stuck on the glue and are unable to detach themselves to get free.

Benefits of the Sticky Trap

The traps are an effective pest monitoring tool that can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which also allows for detection of night-time critters that are harder to detect and trap during the day. We often use them as tools to aid us in our control inspections as a part of our Phoenix pest control treatments. Sticky traps let us know exactly what we’re dealing with, help us identify the possible source of the pest infestation, and to diagnose an accurate degree of infestation. When used for a long period of time, they can be used to indicate peak activity and future possible infestations. Additional benefits include:

• Toxic-free, no use of harmful toxins or poisons
• Easy to use, simple in design and easy to set
• Disposable, making clean-up convenient
• Affordable

Sticky traps can provide an early detection of possible pest infestations, and they can help save money by avoiding unnecessary spraying. Of course, if you find that sticky traps are not helping with your pest problem or you suspect that you have an infestation you can contact us so we can help you be pest free.


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