Bed Bugs Invade Phoenix Hotel

bed-bug-300x200Recently a local television affiliate had a report on the bed bug infestation of a hotel room that caused some patrons to evacuate. Despite the proof that the hotel had its rooms treated, they had to refund the charges to the family that was staying in the room.

The vacationing family had only been in the room for a few hours, during which the children had been napping on the hotel room beds. When they awoke, crying, the parents discovered bed bugs in the bed, and on the children. This unfortunate event shows how hard bed bugs can be to exterminate.

There are reasons for the increase in bed bug infestations in places where people rest or sleep, such as hotels, movie theaters, and homes. Some bed bug species have shown a resistance to the newer, and less potent, approved bed bug extermination chemicals.

Increased mobility of humans all over the world means any hotel room has a new chance for re-infestation once a day. Every time a room receives a new occupant the risk is there. The new customer could be bringing a new crop of bed bugs into the room.

travel-suitcase-300x200Hotels, apartments, and homes are the favored abode of bed bugs. They are usually found on the beds, in the bedding, or waiting in the seams of the mattress where they wait for their next meal. Any place a warm body sits or sleeps is a possible location for finding bed bugs waiting to find their next host.

Bed bugs can sense, almost immediately, when a new host, human or animal, has arrived within 5 feet of where they wait. When the host is asleep the bed bugs move in for a meal of nice warm blood.

Bed bugs are patient pests. They can wait for months before needing to find a new host. Many people wonder why bed bugs need to eat the blood of humans. The reason is that a bed bug needs blood to procreate and produce new baby bed bugs.

Due to the small size of the average bed bug, they are great at hitchhiking a ride on their latest host. They wait until a new host comes near and then make their move. Any location with a stream of people is a candidate for infestation. All families in the Phoenix area need to maintain a constant vigilance to ensure that bed bugs are not brought into their homes. This is necessary at all times, but especially when an infestation has been reported.

It’s important to check for bed bugs that may be hiding in your home. Checking beds, sofas cushions, rugs and carpets is the right thing to do. Whenever you find, or suspect, any bed bug presence it’s best to call professional bed bug experts immediately.

Bed bugs are pros at hiding in places where you might not expect them. Our skilled techs will check your home, or business, for possible bed bug infestation problems. Should a bed bug presence be found we have the tools and materials to clear the area properly. Despite the progress that Phoenix has made in reducing the bed bug population we are still receiving public reminders of their presence. Stay vigilant and contact us for a bed bug consultation. Together we can exterminate bed bugs from our homes and our city.


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