Fall Hikers Need to Watch Out for Ticks In Arizona

As the weather cools in Arizona people often like to do some fall camping on the weekend or go for a hike. The fall in Arizona is fairly mild and hikers and campers are still at risk of being bitten by ticks. There are approximately 25 species of ticks that make Arizona their home, but there are three in particular that Arizonans should watch out for: Brown Dog ticks, Rocky Mountain Wood ticks, and Western Black-Legged ticks.

Ticks have perplexing characteristics that baffle both sufferers and homeowners. Ticks, like bed bugs, feed on the blood of animals and people. Unlike bed bugs, they are considered dangerous to your health as they are known transmitters of disease. You don’t have to be walking in the woods to be bitten by them. They are everywhere, even in your own backyard. The Brown Dog tick, despite its name feeds on humans and dogs. It is resistant to cold, so it can be found throughout the US, and has even been known to live an entire life-cycle indoors.

Tick Bites and Consequences

Ticks are attracted to shady, bushy and damp areas frequented by animals including humans. These bugs wait to come in contact with the passing person or animal to suck its blood. Tick bites can have serious consequences. Once attached, the ticks will swell in size due to the blood it has consumed. They will then hold on to the prey until full and drop off for the next prey. Some individuals bitten by ticks show unpredictable rashes. These rashes may look almost normal at first, but they may spread everywhere over time and can be a symptom of Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The Brown Dog tick and Rocky Mountain Wood tick are both known for transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Caused by Rickettsia ricketsii, early symptoms include fever, headache, rash, and muscle pain. It is important if seeing these signs following a tick bite, or have possibly been exposed to ticks, to seek medical care. This disease is fatal and requires treatment as soon as possible.

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick borne diseases, in Arizona this disease is transmitted by the Western Black-Legged tick. This disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and transferred through deer tick bites. While Lyme disease is not known to be fatal, if infected persons don’t seek treatment they may experience life long symptoms affecting the joints, heart, and central nervous system.

man removing yard debris to prevent scorpionsSome preventive measures you can take to reduce the risk of tick borne diseases include using insect repellant, removing ticks manually, and wearing protective clothing. But these are all temporary measures to prevent tick bites. The real solution lies in handling them professionally. By reducing the clutter in your yard, you are not only making the yard less attractive to these unwanted guests but preventing them from surviving as well. When ticks are found on your property, it is recommended that you seek help from professional exterminators to lessen the chance of contracting diseases. To avoid major health risk, the Center for Disease Control also recommends pest control inside and out on a monthly basis until the ticks are gone.

Getting Professional Pest Control

When you encounter ticks on your Phoenix area property do not hesitate to give Green Home Pest Control a call, we use EcoSmart technology and provide you with strategies for reducing tick population in your area. Our techniques for bug extermination help identify areas where ticks are present, this helps ensure that the ticks will be fully eliminated. Pest control for ticks can take many forms. Most bug extermination companies perform a single “instant” eradication of ticks from your property.

Get Professional Pest Control Today
However, your yard may need more than one treatment for ticks. This is carried out through monthly service until no eggs from the ticks are left behind. Our EcoSmart methods are well established scientifically and safe for yards, pets, and your family. With our professional pest control treatment, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe. Using our Eco-friendly methods is the best way to safeguard your health and assets from toxic chemicals and pests.


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