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Are there fleas in Phoenix?

 Aside from the living flea, they also lay many eggs which can stay dormant for over a year. Once a flea is discovered in the home it is best to take immediate action as well as consistent cleaning and monitoring of the home to make sure there isn’t a reoccurrence. While harsh chemicals may be able to eradicate the flea, it also can cause harm to the people and animals in the house, as well as the environment. Use of common household items have been proven to help with flea control while keeping everyone in the home safe.

Boric Acid
This is low in toxicity to humans but is safer not to use on countertops or anywhere where food is prepared. There may also be a chance that the boric acid may discolor fabric, so be sure to test it out on a small area first. Boric acid causes dehydration for the flea and ultimately death. fleas
Sprinkle the boric acid in a thin layer on the upholstery and carpets. Leave on for a minimum of 12 hours, then vacuum up. Continue vacuuming every few days. The boric acid that gets set deeper into the carpet will continue to kill the fleas. After a month the carpets can be shampooed if desired.

Horse Apple
This is a natural flea repellent. It has also been shown to deter field mice and snakes. Take a whole horse apple or cut it in half and place one piece of fruit per room. For best results, use a green horse apple and use it until it dries out. A horse apple may last two to three months in an air-conditioned environment.

Flea Repellent
This herbal spray is a natural flea repellent and since it is all natural it can be sprayed anywhere safely. The spray is made using six thinly sliced lemons, a handful of rosemary sprigs, 33 ounces of boiling water, three to four drops of Geranium oil and a spray bottle.
Place the lemons in a large bowl. Pull the leaves off of the rosemary and finely chop. Add the rosemary, oil and boiling water to the lemons in the large bowl. Cover and leave overnight. In the morning, strain and transfer to a spray bottle. Spray generously anywhere fleas may gather.

Planting these plants in the backyard where pets may rub against them, coats them in a natural flea deterrent. It is also safe and recommended to spray lavender oil throughout the house. Add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray liberally in every room. People may also use a few drops of lavender oil to their shampoo to keep fleas at bay.

If these remedies do not seem to be helping with flea problem, hiring a professional is recommended. Green Home Phoenix Pest Control l knows how bad harsh chemicals are for use in a home. They pride themselves on their environmentally friendly approach to pest control. No job is too big or too small for them to handle. They have multi-licensed professionals working for them with a combined 30 years experience.



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