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Apartment Tips for Dealing with Bed Bugs | Phoenix

Bed bugs PhoenixAn apartment can be a nice place to live, without the hassles of owning a home, but they can also be a hot spot for bed bugs. Bed bugs are a problem whether you live in hot climates like here in Phoenix or cooler climates such as Seattle. The reason for this is fairly simple, there are more people moving in and out of an apartment at any given time than a regular house, which tends to stay under the control of one individual or family for the duration of their life. Right now the bed bug problem is worse than ever, but there is something you can do to protect your apartment.

Most importantly we should cover what you should NOT do. You should not attempt to get rid of bed bugs Phoenix, because this may cause the infestation to spread and because most people do not know how to really get rid of the pests. Bed bugs are very small, especially in their nymph stages and are very hard to detect. Only the adults can be easily seen with the unaided human eye. The first thing you will want to do is make sure you actually have an infestation before doing anything. So the obvious question is, how can I tell?

There are a few ways and it is important to note that, despite their name, bed bugs can be found in a variety of other places besides a bed. Look to crevices in the texturing of your walls, in and around your bed, especially underneath the mattress and in any other dark and cool hidden away areas. There are several ways to tell if you have an infestation, even if you can’t see them. Bed bugs leave a peculiar type of excrement that looks similar to a black marker stain. Also you may see a reddish stain on the floor or on your sheets, this is from bed bugs being crushed. If you spot any of the above try and capture a bed bug and bring it to your land lord, failing that, show him or her the stains or excrement so that they will be certain there is an infestation. As a tenant it is not your duty to get rid of bed bugs, Phoenix residents should report it to their landlord, so make sure not to take drastic measures. After bringing the bug issue to your landlord he or she will schedule an extermination and it will fall to you to have your apartment in order, so be prepared!


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