Ant Control: 5 Helpful Tips

Ant Control Tips For Arizona Residents

arizona ant removal servicesOne house pest that every homeowner is bound to see eventually is the ant. These pesky critters may be small, but what they lack in size they make up for in sheer numbers and trying to keep ants away can seem impossible at times. Given that they are social animals, ants always stay in a group. You may be familiar with the infamous chemical trail they tend to follow; although this structured, natural order may be interesting, it is not something you want taking place in your house.

While some ant species are relatively harmless to humans (aside from making a mess and getting into cupboards and food supplies), there are a few worth watching out for. In particular, fire ants can pack quite a punch and are considered to be very aggressive and territorial, so be sure you identify what kind of ants you are dealing with. That being said, here are some helpful tips for keeping the ants away from your family and preventing them from claiming your property (indoor and outdoor) as their own.

5 Ant Control Tips:

  • Locate the source of the problem and eliminate it; ants are attracted to warm, moist environments, as this is their natural habitat. As you might expect, bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the areas where these animals invade first, so be sure to keep an eye on the humidity levels. It is also important to never leave food or drinks sitting out, to package and seal foods, stuff such as sugar or cereal, properly for storage, and to keep floors and countertops clean. Performing these few steps alone can deter many would-be ant colonies from setting their sights on your home.
  • Snuff the scent trail; ants live in highly organized societies, and all ants have specialized roles. The ones you have to watch out for most are the scouts; these ants are often the first spotted, as they are the ones who are sent out with the mission of finding food sources and relaying their findings back to the rest of the colony. Similar to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, these scouts leave behind an invisible scent trail, which is what you want to target. By simply spraying the path the scout walked with a solution of vinegar and water, you will, in effect, be destroying the colony’s only chance of coming back.
  • Seal up the possible entry points; thoroughly inspect all cracks and crevices (inside and out) in your home and seal them properly. If you are unable to locate the precise source of entry, you can always sprinkle some diatomaceous earth or baby powder around the area in question. These items are natural deterrents that are also great for keeping other home and garden pests, such as spiders, away as well.
  • Hit them where it hurts; if you have tried alternative methods to no avail and want to stop your ant problem for good, get rid of the queen. Every colony has one, but you will have to get inside the nest to find her. Spray some pesticide on and inside the entryway to the anthill, and it will only be a matter of time before the queen is gone. This will then neutralize the rest of the population.
  • Bait and kill; a great way to bring the ants to you (for extermination purposes) is to mix a solution of boric acid powder and maple syrup. This is a great DIY way to get rid of ants, and it’s cheaper than buying commercial chemicals and works well for trapping and getting rid of ants.

Though these tips for eliminating or preventing an ant infestation in your home or yard are very helpful DIY options, to ensure your ant problem is handled safely and effectively, experts recommend using local pest control technicians, like those found at Green Home Pest Control, which operates throughout the Valley to take care of all your Arizona pest control needs.


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