7 Tips to Avoid Fruit Flies in Summer

How To Get Rid Of Arizona Fruit Flies

In the hierarchy of scary pests, fruit flies are somewhere near the bottom. But when a fruit fly infestation gets too severe, they are some of the most irritating bugs that you can have in your home.

Fruit flies may be small, but they breed extremely quickly and love feasting on your food, and nothing makes your home feel less clean than walking into your kitchen and seeing hundreds of them fluttering about.

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How to Stop Fruit Flies

What makes fruit flies so upsetting is that they are so preventable. Unlike house flies, mosquitos, fleas, and spiders, you’re unlikely to find these pests in a random room. They are almost always found in the kitchen, and almost always found on old food that was left out too long.

The best 6 ways to avoid fruit flies are with prevention.

Male fruit fly on a blade of grass macro

  • Throw Away Ripe/Overripe Fruits and Veggies – The most common reason these flies invade is that they sense old and rotting produce. Only buy as much fruit and veggies as you need, keep it in an easy to access location, and make sure that you eliminate (or freeze) any that are about to go bad.
  • Seal Your Garbage – Of course, throwing away your produce is only one step. You will also need to make sure that you seal off your garbage can, and try your best to take out the garbage as close to every day as possible. Easy access to old food in the garbage will attract fruit flies.
  • Clear Your Dishes – If your family tends to leave dirty dishes in the sink, try your best to either clean them or rinse them. Any leftover food or drink runs the risk of attracting and feeding fruit flies.
  • Run the Disposal – Similarly, food left in the disposal is not at all hidden to fruit flies, that can sense that type of food from far away. It helps to make sure that you have successfully emptied the garbage disposal every time you dump food in there.
  • Throw Out Your Flowers – Food may be the main attractant for fruit flies, but flowers can be almost as problematic. When flowers age they quickly become nutritious food for hungry fruit flies, so disposing of them quickly is a great way to protect your property.
  • Keep Your Windows Closed – Fruit flies can fit through spaces as small as a millimeter, so it doesn’t take much space for them to invade. But it helps to not make it easy. Seal any holes in your windows and keep them closed if any food is on your counter.

What is perhaps most interesting about these six prevention tips is that they are also treatments. If you have a fruit fly problem, eliminating all of their food sources for an extended period of time also tends to eliminate the flies. There are also many do-it-yourself traps for fruit flies, and vacuuming them is often enough to eliminate them.

The 7th way to prevent fruit flies is to call Green Home Pest Control in Arizona. Our skilled pest control specialists can help eliminate any of your pest problems, and ensure that you are able to comfortably live fruit fly free. For more information, please call our team today at (480) 525-7378.



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