6 Green Ways to Keep Pests Away

Home pest control can often be a challenge and is something that most homeowners are cautious about doing, as spraying chemical pesticides is dangerous. If you want to save money, the environment and protect your family from man made applications, there are many green alternatives to eliminate common household and garden pests.eco friendly pest control alternatives These methods have proven to be just as reliable, and you won’t need to worry about accidents when it comes to children and pets. It may be a small step, but this is a great way to reduce your energy footprint.

Too many people have become convinced that store bought chemicals are the only way to go, that anything else will be inadequate and a waste of time. This is simply not the case; all it takes is a little time and research. You can easily compile an eco-friendly home pest control arsenal that will last many years. Here are some of the most popular green solutions that homeowners and businesses use.

6 Green Pest Control Terms to Know

  1. Coffee grounds; not just used to for a morning caffeine boost, the old cup of Joe is also a great way to deter pests in your garden. For whatever reason (the smell, the acidity, etc.) most animals simply cannot stand coffee. An added benefit is that it will also boost the growth of flowers and plants. Think of coffee as your garden’s best friend.
  2. Get creative and use strong scents; potent smells such as hand soap and perfume can be strategically placed in your garden, and they are cheaper than other home pest control chemicals. You can put them directly in the garden or spread an even amount around the perimeter of your home.
  3. Ever consider a scarecrow sprinkler; this is basically a battery-operated model that will automatically detect and spray anything in its vicinity. The motion sensor can be set to target a specific zone or your entire yard. While it may not be ideal for small pests (or nearby humans), it certainly will keep larger critters at bay.
  4. Add some marigold flowers to your garden; many pests find the scent these flowers put off repulsive. By weaving them throughout the other plants in the space, you will be creating the ultimate green safety barrier. There is nothing more eco-friendly than using Mother Nature’s own defenses.
  5. Build some soy candle torches for a creative and effective deterrent. This is cheap and easy; buy some wicker or wooden torches that have room to set a candle on top of. Stake the torches in your garden or around your home and light the soy candle. This scent is also a natural repellent, and you can always make the device safer by covering the flame.
  6. Buy a birdfeeder and let the birds take care of the problem; you can thank nature in the sense that garden pests are a favored food source for these animals.


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