6 Eco-Friendly Solutions To Your Gnat Problem

gnats swarming a backyard in phoenix arizona

We all know how annoying gnats can be. They seem to be incredibly quick and elusive.  In order to learn how to get rid of these pests, it is first helpful for all of us to understand what we might have in our homes that they are attracted to and where they like to live.

We have all seen that gnats love rotting fruit and stagnant water. They love food and water just as we do. For that reason we can see them in over-watered plants in our home. Essentially, they love the moist soil and even tend to lay eggs there. They also love open garbage containers and probably consider it a very large and lucky supply of food! Believe it or not, they also love all that nasty stuff that clogs our drains and pipes.

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Ultimately, we all want to find eco-friendly and green ways to rid ourselves of these pests, without having to spray harmful chemicals around our home, so here are some suggestions of things to use that may be helpful around your home if you have not yet called a Phoenix pest control expert:

  • A few simple things we can do at home to prevent gnats is reducing these conditions that they seem to love. Don’t over-water your plants, be sure to put a cover on all your trash cans around the house, and keep those drains and pipes clean by using a good drain cleaner once a week or so, or simply running some hot water.
  • Fruits and vegetables always look pretty sitting on our counters in a bowl, but gnats find them very tempting, especially the riper they get. Keep your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator where they are not in danger of gnat infestation. If you do have to leave your fruit and vegetables out however, always discard them when they start discoloring since it is a big favorite with the gnats. That’s where they get their nickname “fruit flies.”
  • When choosing fruit at the supermarket, be on the look out for swarms of gnats.  Even when the fruit looks good, if it has gnats flying around it, don’t buy it or they will be coming home with you.
  • A vinegar trap will probably always be recommended by your green pest control expert as a do-it-yourself remedy. Vinegar is a great eco-friendly product that we all seem to have available at home. Simply take a small bowl and fill it with vinegar. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap but make a few holes in it and place it where you have noticed the gnats. They will be tempted to dive right in, since they love the fermentation of the vinegar!  Apple cider vinegar is best.
  • Gnats also love bright outdoor lights and tend to gather there. We can reduce the amount of brightness that attracts them by using low pressure lighting.
  • There are also a few other common household items that can help in our attempt to rid ourselves of gnats. These may not all be natural but are handy. Hairspray will kill gnats by freezing their wings and paralyzing them. Vegetable oil around the kitchen sink drain can also help by coating the gnats in oil and making it impossible for them to breed.

All these ideas will help in ridding your household of these annoying pests, but if the problem seems more than you can handle, be sure to contact a pest control technician who will always have the best advice for you.


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