5 FAQs About Rats in Arizona

We all get a little nervous when we think that we may possibly have rats feeding and nesting around our family, home and property. Let’s face it, these unpleasant critters can cause some real headaches and damage, and, even worse, leave us feeling very uncomfortable if we believe the rats have found refuge in our homes or in our yards. In talking to the experts, some common questions about rats and how they live have been revealed. Why don’t we get a little more educated on this subject and see what we can do to eliminate any risk of rat infestation? Here are some common questions and answers from your Phoenix pest control experts.

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1)  What Is A Rat Problem?

A:  A rat problem occurs when you have an unusually large number of these critters on your property or in your home. Turns out, rats can enter a home, garage, shed or other structures on a property through any opening larger than a nickel. When they come into residential areas, they are looking for good nesting areas and a safe place to hide away from their predators. Signs of a rat problem include visual sightings, noises in your walls and attics, rat droppings, and damage or gnaw marks on eaves or plastic coverings on electrical wires. You may also see signs of them feasting on fruit from trees in your yard if you have found hollowed citrus and other fruits that they have left on the ground.

2) What Types of Rats Are Common in the Phoenix Area?

A:  There are a variety of rat types active in the Phoenix area. Roof rats are one of the most common types of rats in Maricopa County. Roof rats have been spotted all over the Valley in many cities and towns since 2004. They were discovered in Phoenix’s Arcadia District in the early 2000s, and are believed to have been transported to Maricopa County from one of our neighboring coastal states. Pack rats are also common rats in Arizona since they thrive in the desert environment of the Valley. Roof rats are capable of infesting residential and commercial properties.

3) How Did I Get Rats In My Home And My Property?

A:  Chances are if rats have chosen your home or property for refuge you have a few things that interest them. First of all, these rodents love fruit and citrus since it is a food and water source for them. If you have a yard with fruit trees, it will attract them.  Gardens and bird seed also attract rats to your property. Try to keep your yard and patio clear of fallen fruit, bird seed, and other potential food sources. Another favorite for rats, which we may not always consider, is dog and cat food that has been left out for our pets…or even left inside a home. Remember, rats can enter a home through a very small opening.

4) Are There Health Risks Associated With A Rat Infestation?

A:  Although Maricopa County continues to test roof rats for tularemia (rabbit fever), hantavirus, and plague, all tests to date have been negative.  Experts in the County, however, still insist on following safety precautions to avoid any type of contamination.  It is very important to follow these safety precautions when handling dead rats, rat droppings or cleaning up nesting areas.  Always wear a face mask and use rubber gloves. It is always best to contact an experienced pest control technician in Phoenix for your Valley rat control needs.

5) How Can a Phoenix Pest Control Expert Help Me If I Have A Rat Problem?

A:  Technicians, such as those at Green Home Pest Control, are trained experts and can help you by not only treating the problem but also finding the cause and eliminating the source of your infestation.  Expert pest control in Tempe, Scottsdale, or Phoenix requires that technicians know all the signs and clues that these rats leave behind when they invade our property and personal space. There are also eco-friendly solutions for rats.

The benefits of hiring a professional and trusted metro Phoenix pest control technician include the fact that they will rid your homes of unwanted pests safely and effectively without you needing to worry about your children or pets’ health or well being. Green Home Pest Control will be able to give you the best advice on how to prevent further problems and infestations in or around your home.


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