4 Interesting Mouse Facts You May Not Know

Mice are generally thought to be less of the threat than rats, as they’re smaller and have less of a reputation for spreading disease. This is probably a mistake, though; they breed a great deal more quickly, they’re harder to eradicate from your home, and they’re far more likely to destroy or contaminate your food. They’re also a lot less intelligent, which makes them a less appealing choice for keeping as a pet – though people do indeed tame them and keep them in this way nonetheless. Read on to learn about some more things you probably didn’t know about mice.

Rats And Mice Are Not Always Taxonomically Distinct

Technically, the taxonomical differences between mice and rats should be clear: rats belong to the genus Rattus and mice to the genus Mus. In practice, however, it isn’t so simple. Plenty of things that are neither Rattus nor Mus get called ‘mice’ and ‘rats’, like the packrat and the cotton mouse. Essentially, in common parlance the terms are used to differentiate between large and small members of the family muridae. The true mice most commonly found living in your home and requiring of exterminator services in Phoenix are members of Mus musculus, and are commonly called ‘house mice’. They’re tiny, stupid, and very cute.

You Never Have Only One Mouse

tan and white mouse
People sometimes have this hopeful idea that there is only one mouse. This is in fact almost certainly nonsense. If you got a male mouse and a female mouse and left them alone somewhere with enough food and water to sustain them for four months, when you came back you’d have six hundred mice. If you’ve seen a mouse in your home, chances are high that something much like that has happened underneath your floorboards. This is why it is imperative that you call in the exterminator services to deal with the problem properly.

Mice Are Less Hygienic Than Rats

Rats generally tend to urinate and defecate in assigned spaces. Mice, on the other hand, have no such qualms – and in fact they are incontinent in a single kind, meaning that they leave a permanent trail of urine behind them wherever they go. This is probably the single most pressing reason to call in the exterminator services in Phoenix– Having mice in your home is incredibly unhygienic.

There Are Many, Many Different Types Of Mice

If there are mice invading your home, chances are very high indeed that what you’ve got is Mus musculus. Theoretically, though, it could be any one of hundreds of slightly different things. Below is a quick list of all the members of the genus Mus:
Mus baoulei, Mus booduga, Mus bufo, Mus callewaerti, Mus caroli, Mus cervicolor, Mus cookii, Mus crociduroides, Mus cypriacus, Mus famulus, Mus fernandoni, Mus fragilicauda, Mus goundae, Mus haussa, Mus indutus, Mus macedonicus, Mus mahomet, Mus mattheyi, Mus mayori, Mus minutoides, Mus musculoides, Mus neavei, Mus nitidulus, Mus orangiae, Mus oubanguii, Mus pahari, Mus phillipsi, Mus platythrix, Mus saxicola, Mus setulosus, Mus setzeri, Mus shortridgei, Mus sorella, Mus spicilegus, Mus spretus, Mus tenellus, Mus terricolor,Mus triton, Mus vulcaniEven given the length of that list, it’s worth bearing in mind that plenty of things that aren’t Mus are called ‘mice’. Good exterminator services in Phoenix will be able to deal with them all.


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