4 Eco-Friendly Solutions for Rats

If you have a rat problem in your home or office, you know how important it is to get rid of these rodents as quickly as possible. When it comes to pests, these animals rank highest on the list for diseases and damage. rats treatment
If not taken care of right away, you run the risk of getting sick from accidentally inhaling the droppings they leave behind. In addition, rats are notorious for chewing everything they come into contact with. From furniture to electrical lines, the costs associated with these pests can be very expensive. While most homeowners will be tempted to buy chemical pesticides and traps for elimination purposes, there are a number of safe, “green” alternatives that you may want to consider.

The home pest control market is saturated with toxic devices that can and do kill rats on contact, but they also pose safety hazards to pets and children. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking to ban the 12 D-Con Mouse and Rat poison product line due to its violation of currently safety standards. Many manufacturers have been forced to redesign their products to meet these regulations, but only so much can be done. To avoid potential life-threatening injuries, such as accidental ingestion, non-chemical applications are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the top eco-friendly solutions for getting rid of rats. If you have an infestation or are unable to eliminate the rodent problem, be sure to contact a pest control specialist. They will have the equipment and skills needed to terminate the source.

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4 Eco-Friendly Solutions for Rats

  • Peppermint oil; this natural fragrance is an excellent rat deterrent, as the animals simply cannot stand the scent. The best way to use the oil is to place it on a cotton swab or rag and strategically place these items throughout your home. Corners and crawl spaces are ideal nesting locations for these pests, so take the time to fully cover your home. If you know where the rats are located, you will have a better chance of eliminating their presence.
  • Buy a cat or get used cat litter; the former is a rat’s worst nightmare and will easily hunt the critters if they are anywhere to be found. If you don’t want buy a pet, the litter alone will be enough to deter the rodents. The scent of the urine can be intensified by adding ammonia. You only need to use a small amount in a container placed in a central area of your home. Rats have a strong sense of smell, so they will detect the odor from far away.
  • Electronic repellent; not just used for rats, this is a device that emits a pulsating electromagnetic field throughout the walls in your home. Given that this is where rats tend to stay, they will be driven out due to being unable to stand the noise. For maximum effect, plug a device in every room.
  • Standard traps are simple and effective, but be cautious when using them if you have pets or children. Place the trap in a location that is only rodent-accessible.


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