3 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Expert!

Hiring a Pest Control Expert Can Save You Money

We all want to save money and try to handle our home and property’s pest control needs ourselves, but here in Arizona homeowners can really have their work cut out for themselves! No matter what we try, sometimes it just does not seem to do the job when it comes to a large variety of pesky critters and creepy crawlers. In fact, sometimes we may be doing more harm than good when trying our DIY methods.

In the long run, we may actually save money by hiring a professional pest control company, since many pest problems, such as termites or a bee hive on large tree, require specialized training, equipment and pesticides. On top of that, in order for pest control to be effective, many treatments have a particular process that needs to be followed in order to cure the problem correctly and efficiently.

As a layperson, we may not be familiar with all the required steps that a professional is trained in, and, by missing steps, we actually allow pests to hang around longer and create more damage. Pests that continue to inhabit our homes just keep draining that extra money from our wallets. Our money is better spent in the hands of a pest control expert who can do the job and do it right the first time. This upfront cost can translate into money saved in the long run.


Most of us have children, pets and families that we worry about when treating our pest problems. A pest control professional, who keeps up to date with the latest technologies and practices integrated pest management methods, can provide you with the safest and the most effective treatments and ongoing management strategies.  They are the experts in handling these chemicals for a reason.

We may really have no idea what types of chemicals we are spraying around our children and pets, the length of time the chemical agent and residue will be active in our living environment and if it is even effective in the first place. In addition, we may also not be aware of any “wait times” that may be necessary before allowing our children and pets back around chemically treated areas.

A licensed professional also has access to some products that are not available in retail stores. If your local pest control professional does feel that chemicals are required for your pest management method, it is ALWAYS safer for your family to have them handled by a trained professional. They have done all the research and training to acquire the know-how required for handling chemicals correctly and safely.

Peace of Mind!

Most of us do not have the time or the ability to research and define what our pest problems are, investigate the root of the problem, and determine the safest treatment options for our home and family. Many Phoenix pest control companies, such as Green Home Pest Control, offer an Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM), that includes and encourages additional non-chemical methods and pest management strategies, like installing screens on windows, altering how and when you water your lawn, and maybe adding sweeps under doors for long term solutions.

These recommended and customized long-term solutions are more effective than just offering to spray your home and yard on a monthly basis alone. When you work with Green Home Pest Control to consider these long term solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing the practical things, as well as any chemical treatments you may need, to eliminate and prevent any kind of infestation in your home and property.


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