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What Happens When a Scorpion Stings My Cat?

If you’re living in southwest Arizona, scorpions are a consistent safety concern. Giant hairy desert scorpions, striped tail scorpions and Arizona bark scorpions are common species, with the Arizona bark scorpion being considered the most dangerous with the most harmful venom. While most scorpion species are nocturnal creatures, many homeowners…

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What Happens When a Scorpion Stings My Dog?

If you’re a southwest Arizona homeowner, then you’re likely wary of encounters with a scorpion. While most scorpion stings are not considered harmful to humans, a naturally curious dog could have an unfortunate meeting with a scorpion. Most scorpion stings on dogs aren’t going to be fatal, but they will…

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Can an Arizona Bark Scorpion Kill You?

There are several types of scorpions found in Arizona deserts and communities, but only the Arizona bark scorpion is potentially harmful to people. Even if you are stung by a bark scorpion, the venom is rarely life-threatening to the victim and usually won’t leave behind any long-term effects or discomfort.…

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Common Types of Scorpions in Arizona

When you think of the Arizona landscape, you may recall images of sandy expanses with rolling tumbleweeds, cacti and scorpions. The southern Arizona desert is known for its variety of different scorpion species. While scorpions are intimidating looking with their pair of large pinches and dangling, poison-tipped tail, most scorpion…

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How To Find Scorpions at Night

Living in the dusty, deserted Arizona wilderness means you may often dismiss the idea of finding a scorpion scuttling around your property, especially if you’re near an often deserted area. Most scorpions found throughout Arizona pose little threat to humans besides an irritating sting, except the dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion.…

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Bugs Mistaken for Bed Bugs

A common belief about bed bugs is they prefer filthier environments. However, bed bugs only require access to a dependable food source and a secure, warm place to hide, making most homes vulnerable to a bed bug infestation. Cases of bed bug infestations throughout Arizona are on the rise. Bed…

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How to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the tiny, blood beasts of most people’s nightmares. The worst part about these pests is they’re incredibly difficult to see because of their tiny size and can go for long periods before they’re detected. Bed bugs are nocturnal and typically live near where their human host sleeps,…

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Flying Ants vs. Termites: What’s the Difference?

Flying ants are often mistaken for a swarm of termites, scaring Arizona homeowners into believing they have a serious pest problem that could wreak havoc on their home’s structure. Both winged insects look so similar that it’s easy to mistake a flying ant for a termite, but fortunately for homeowners,…

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Signs of Roof Rats

While watching television or cooking dinner one night, you hear it — a faint scratching sound from behind the walls or ceiling. You may begin to wonder whether you have some type of pest or rodent living in the crevices of your house. In Arizona, there’s no shortage of pests…

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Types of Rats in Arizona

Part of the appeal of living in Arizona is the spacious, beautiful landscape stretching across the horizon, filled with diverse and unique wildlife. But with the state’s expansive wilderness, you’ll not only find peaceful bighorn sheep, prairie dogs and foxes but a range of irritating, potentially hazardous pests such as…

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